Help Your Students “Enable Original Sound” on Zoom With This Email Template

You know how sometimes in life you’re told about something that you know you should do but at the moment, you just can’t bring yourself to mentally mess with it?

That’s how I was when we started using Zoom for our online lessons.

Teachers in Facebook groups were mentioning the importance of the “Enable Original Sound” setting to help with sound quality but I was just trying to wrap my head around getting myself set up online to pay it any mind.

Then two or three weeks of lessons went by and I was DONE with the garble. It was time to upgrade our sound.

Do I kick myself a little for not dealing with this sooner? Yep. But, oh, well, I’m over it now.

Through all of this, I have to say one thing all my studio families have been mentioning in our evaluation meetings this week, was the quality of my communication throughout this whole process. They felt the instructions were incredibly helpful and easy to follow.

That’s part of our job! Quality communication.

To spell things out as clear and easy as possible, I gave my step-by-step instructions using screenshots. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Teachers: You have my permission to copy and paste this entire email and use these images to send to your studio families (if you don’t mind having my mug shot! LOL).


Email Template

Hi, Studio Families!

I need your help. Like me, I’m sure you would love to see the sound quality of our online lessons improve. I have an easy hack that will literally only take one minute to set up.

It’s called “Enabling Original Sound.”

Zoom automatically suppresses what it considers to be “background noise”. Turning on this setting will minimize the “garbling” sound it creates. It’s super easy to do but is a two-step process.

The first part you do NOW in your Zoom settings.

The second part you do EVERY TIME you enter a Zoom meeting.

I took a series of screenshots showing how you can do it from your device or your desktop.

From your Device

From your desktop

Thanks so much for taking a minute to help improve your student’s online lesson experience and let me know if you have any questions!



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