Update: MTNA Music Study Award fillable form fixed!

Just a quick update!

Two weeks ago I published a post with a printable template to help you print your MTNA Music Study Awards.

The form had always been fillable but this year when I downloaded it, it was not. I have to admit, I convinced myself I was mistaken that it was in the past and just went right ahead and made a printable template so you didn’t have to write in the student’s names by hand.

Thanks to fellow colleague/reader Jan Fulford who was a little more proactive than I was! She contacted me on Facebook and pointed out that yes, they had been fillable in the past but were also not working for her this year either. So, she contacted MTNA and found out it was flux and it was supposed to be fillable.

It has been fixed now – YEA!

Don’t worry, it doesn’t print the fillable area in purple. 🙂

Plus, we noticed that the centering of the words “present the” was off so they fixed that as well!

Thanks to Jan for her help in getting this all fixed!

P.S. Even though it’s basically not necessary anymore, I’m going to leave the printable template post active just in case since I’ve already put the work into it.


Piano Explorer Magazine Discontinued

This a month of new discoveries and unfortunately, not great ones!

Last week I shared that The Royal Conservatory had removed its theory apps from the app store.

Today, I’ve learned that Piano Explorer Magazine, published by The Instrumentalist is no longer taking any new subscriptions.

Unfortunately, their subscriptions significantly decreased during the pandemic and they will no longer be able to continue the print magazine after the May/June issue.


It’s Piano Pantry’s Birthday!

Celebrating 5 years with a discount

This month marks a big milestone here at Piano Pantry as I’m celebrating 5 years of blogging!

This platform has been such a wonderful creative outlet and way to “dump” my brain of all the ideas that swirl around. Thanks for being here and for sticking with me!

Today I thought I would share a little about how I got started and highlight some of the milestones along the way (including the release of a new Happy Birthday by-ear teaching resource!).

We’ll also be celebrating with a discount in the Piano Pantry Shop and a giveaway later in the month in Friday Finds #211.

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Recent and Upcoming Guest Speaker Appearances

Hey, just a couple of quick announcements!


Career Development and Entrepreneurship

Last week I was a guest speaker for one of Butler University’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship graduate classes.

Some of the things we talked about included:

  1. The story of opening my new business and how it changed and developed over the years.
  2. Acquiring and retaining students
  3. Marketing and studio policies
  4. Rates, billing, and payment options
  5. Lesson material organization

If you are looking for someone to talk about this topic with your college class or local or state association, you can contact me here.

Feel free to also check out my speaking page that shows a list of sessions I’ve done in recent years.



If you haven’t heard yet, Nicola Cantan from Vibrant Music Studio is hosting an online event called “Teacher Turboboost” from March 29th – April 2.

I’m happy to be a guest speaker along with several other awesome ladies.

It’s a 5-day event designed to help give a refresh before gearing into the final weeks of the school term. Each day will have a very focused and yet broad topic such as: connect, open, explore, grown, balance.

What you will find unique about this event is that it will only be 3 hours a day (10 am-1 pm EST) and the guest speaker sessions are 15-minutes so they will be easy to absorb.

My session will be on the final day. It’s called:

Reset and Refresh: Tiding Tips for Studio Teachers

Enjoy a workspace that is always fresh and orderly by implementing a simple, consistent, and sustainable tidying routine. Four specific time points, a small checklist, and an incremental (but minimal) time commitment will be your steps for a well-kept studio.


Read more details and SIGN UP for the event here!*

Use the code PANTRY to get a $10 discount ($59 instead of $69)

*Disclosure: I will also get a very small affiliate percentage back but it doesn’t cost you any extra.



Winners of Waay app Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for the two new courses in the Waay music theory app – there was 72 entries total!

Using Rafflepress’s random winner generator, the following five people are our winners. Congratulations to each of you!

Check your inbox for details on redemption.


Waay Music Theory App

New courses, a giveaway, and an updated music lab tracking sheet

Back in August 2019, I introduced you to two of my favorite high-quality music theory apps for the iPad.

One of those, Waay, has added two new courses.

In this post, I’ll share a little about the new courses and introduce you to the updated music lab tracking sheet available in the Piano Pantry Shop that’s designed to go along with the app.

As an extra bonus, thanks to Waay’s founder and developer, Alex Andrews, I have FIVE promo codes to give away for the new courses!


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40% off Evernote Premium

Just a quick note here to let you know that Evernote Premium is on sale at 40% off until 2/4/2021.

Click this link to sign up!


Interested in learning more about how to use Evernote in an effective way in your independent studio and daily life? Visit these articles on Piano Pantry to learn more:


Your Questions Answered: Evernote – Basic or Premium?

Organizing Piano Games with Evernote

Writing Student Evaluations Using Evernote

Conference Management 101: Tips for Managing Evernote Plus a Resource

Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher: Part 1 – Studio Organization

Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher: Part 2 – Web Clipper

Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher: Part 3 – Account Features, Tagging and More

Friday Finds #193: Evernote Updates

Evernote for Gmail: A Review



Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note that Piano Pantry is part of the Evernote Community affiliate program which simply means I get a very small percentage from Evernote sign-ups (or upgrades) that come via my website (at no extra cost to you). Since I provide free content, this small amount means a lot. Thank you for your support!


Giveaway Winner – Friday Finds #200

Just a quick announcement to let you know that using a random number generator, the winner of the Friday Finds #200 giveaway was:

Janelle Bracken (check your email for details!)

Her comment on the post was:

I have enjoyed your Friday Finds for a long time now, Amy, and my husband (he’s a foodie) has now downloaded the Paprika app and is enjoying it! Thanks for having this drawing. If I win, they are going to Larry, my husband. He would love receiving them.

Congratulations, Janelle, and I hope Larry enjoys the magazines! 🙂


Friday Finds Giveaway Teaser and Announcement

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

Since it’s a holiday weekend, I’m taking a week off from our regular Friday Finds, but wanted to let you know what’s going to be up for grabs in our Friday Finds #200 celebration giveaway.

A few weeks ago, in #195, I gave you a hint:

-It’s a foodie thing.

-It’s worth about $75

Well, here it is:

20 Milk Street Magazines!

In full disclosure, they are not brand new. When Milk Street first launched, I signed up immediately and have been getting every issue since.

I’ve exhausted my use of these particular magazines and have gotten lots of great recipes from them.

All my favorite recipes from these issues are now saved in my favorite digital recipe manager: Paprika (which is on sale through the end of November!)

Since I’m not one to hold onto things, I was about to recycle the magazines when my husband spoke up and said: “Hey, why don’t just use them for a giveaway item?”


While you may find a few handwritten notes here and there, they’re still in really good condition – why not let someone else benefit from them as well?

So, mark your calendar for:

Friday Finds #200 on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11.

Enter to win 20 volumes of Milk Street Magazine (Fall 2016 Charter Issue to July/August 2020).

Also, since we will be hitting #200 in December, Friday Finds (a.k.a. Amy) will be taking a holiday break from the weekly series, resuming with #201 in January 2021.

See you in a couple of weeks!


Featured on Key Ideas Podcast

Plus, 50% off my favorite recipe app

Hey, friend!

I’m so excited to share with you my first podcast appearance. Yea! 🙂

The super-awesome Leila Viss started a fresh new podcast called Key Ideas a couple of months ago and I was honored to be one of her spotlights!

For a little change of pace from a typical piano pedagogy-type podcast, we talk about other good things like organization strategies and cooking!

Happy listening! 🙂

Organizing Tips for Piano Teachers with Amy Chaplin

P.S. One of the resources I share in the podcast is my favorite digital recipe manager: Paprika. I just saw they are having a big Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale that will get you 40-50% off both the apps and desktop versions. I LOVE having the desktop version as well as the app – totally worth it!