Waay Music Theory App

New courses, a giveaway, and an updated music lab tracking sheet

Back in August 2019, I introduced you to two of my favorite high-quality music theory apps for the iPad.

One of those, Waay, has added two new courses.

In this post, I’ll share a little about the new courses and introduce you to the updated music lab tracking sheet available in the Piano Pantry Shop that’s designed to go along with the app.

As an extra bonus, thanks to Waay’s founder and developer, Alex Andrews, I have FIVE promo codes to give away for the new courses!


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40% off Evernote Premium

Just a quick note here to let you know that Evernote Premium is on sale at 40% off until 2/4/2021.

Click this link to sign up!


Interested in learning more about how to use Evernote in an effective way in your independent studio and daily life? Visit these articles on Piano Pantry to learn more:


Your Questions Answered: Evernote – Basic or Premium?

Organizing Piano Games with Evernote

Writing Student Evaluations Using Evernote

Conference Management 101: Tips for Managing Evernote Plus a Resource

Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher: Part 1 – Studio Organization

Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher: Part 2 – Web Clipper

Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher: Part 3 – Account Features, Tagging and More

Friday Finds #193: Evernote Updates

Evernote for Gmail: A Review



Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note that Piano Pantry is part of the Evernote Community affiliate program which simply means I get a very small percentage from Evernote sign-ups (or upgrades) that come via my website (at no extra cost to you). Since I provide free content, this small amount means a lot. Thank you for your support!


Giveaway Winner – Friday Finds #200

Just a quick announcement to let you know that using a random number generator, the winner of the Friday Finds #200 giveaway was:

Janelle Bracken (check your email for details!)

Her comment on the post was:

I have enjoyed your Friday Finds for a long time now, Amy, and my husband (he’s a foodie) has now downloaded the Paprika app and is enjoying it! Thanks for having this drawing. If I win, they are going to Larry, my husband. He would love receiving them.

Congratulations, Janelle, and I hope Larry enjoys the magazines! 🙂


Friday Finds Giveaway Teaser and Announcement

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

Since it’s a holiday weekend, I’m taking a week off from our regular Friday Finds, but wanted to let you know what’s going to be up for grabs in our Friday Finds #200 celebration giveaway.

A few weeks ago, in #195, I gave you a hint:

-It’s a foodie thing.

-It’s worth about $75

Well, here it is:

20 Milk Street Magazines!

In full disclosure, they are not brand new. When Milk Street first launched, I signed up immediately and have been getting every issue since.

I’ve exhausted my use of these particular magazines and have gotten lots of great recipes from them.

All my favorite recipes from these issues are now saved in my favorite digital recipe manager: Paprika (which is on sale through the end of November!)

Since I’m not one to hold onto things, I was about to recycle the magazines when my husband spoke up and said: “Hey, why don’t just use them for a giveaway item?”


While you may find a few handwritten notes here and there, they’re still in really good condition – why not let someone else benefit from them as well?

So, mark your calendar for:

Friday Finds #200 on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11.

Enter to win 20 volumes of Milk Street Magazine (Fall 2016 Charter Issue to July/August 2020).

Also, since we will be hitting #200 in December, Friday Finds (a.k.a. Amy) will be taking a holiday break from the weekly series, resuming with #201 in January 2021.

See you in a couple of weeks!


Featured on Key Ideas Podcast

Plus, 50% off my favorite recipe app

Hey, friend!

I’m so excited to share with you my first podcast appearance. Yea! 🙂

The super-awesome Leila Viss started a fresh new podcast called Key Ideas a couple of months ago and I was honored to be one of her spotlights!

For a little change of pace from a typical piano pedagogy-type podcast, we talk about other good things like organization strategies and cooking!

Happy listening! 🙂

Organizing Tips for Piano Teachers with Amy Chaplin

P.S. One of the resources I share in the podcast is my favorite digital recipe manager: Paprika. I just saw they are having a big Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale that will get you 40-50% off both the apps and desktop versions. I LOVE having the desktop version as well as the app – totally worth it!

Best-Selling Music Labs and the new “Top Music Marketplace”

As we’re just getting started with the start of the 2020-2021 school year I just wanted to highlight four of the best-selling Music Labs here on Piano Pantry as well as mention the kickoff of Tim Topham’s new Top Music Marketplace.

There are 15 different music lab sheets for sale here on Piano Pantry. They include:

  1. Essentials of Music Theory
  2. Fun Music Videos
  3. Halloween Lab
  4. Music Theory Videos
  5. Piano Explorer Magazine
  6. RCM Theory App Prep
  7. RCM Theory App Level 1
  8. RCM Theory App Level 2
  9. RCM Theory App Level 3
  10. RCM Theory App Level 4
  11. RCM Theory App Bundle
  12. Rhythm Cat HD
  13. Rhythm Lab
  14. Staff Wars App
  15. Waay App

(Clicking on the links will take you to the blog post that tells you more about each one!)

Not surprisingly, the four bestsellers have been:

  1. Fun Music Videos
  2. RCM Theory App Bundle
  3. Music Theory Videos
  4. Rhythm Lab


Visit the Music Labs Shop here on Piano Pantry



Top Music Marketplace

All of these labs are still available here on Piano Pantry, but will select ones will also now be available on Tim Topham’s new Top Music Marketplace.

While I have the ability to sell products right here on Piano Pantry (and will continue to do so), Top Music Marketplace is one of the first websites (at least that I’m aware of) to set up one location for music teachers to sell their products.

While it’s a great opportunity for teachers who don’t have their own online platform to sell products (sign up here), it’s also an opportunity for those like myself that have a platform to reach an even bigger audience – and for that, I’m in! 🙂

Of course, it also makes it convenient for you as well to be able to search out a multitude of products in one location – some of which you might not otherwise have had exposure!

Hop on over and check out TopMusicMarkepace.co

View the Piano Pantry shop on TopMusicMarkepace.


Games Webinar This Thursday

Hey, friends!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I’ll be a contributor on a webinar put on by The Francis Clark Center this Thursday, May 21 @ 11:00 a.m. EDT.

Our topic will be focused on games during online teaching. Other contributors include Nicola Cantan, Joy Morin, Christina Whitlock, and Melissa Willis. What a great crew and I’m honored to get the chance to be a part!

I’m guessing you know most of these ladies but if you don’t, here’s a little about each one:

Nicola Cantan writes at Colourfulkeys.ie, Joy Morin writes at ColorinMyPiano.com, Christina Whitlock is author of our awesome Varsity Musician Series here on PP and Melissa Willis has been really active in Facebook teacher groups sharing her online teaching tips on YouTube since this all started.

Can I give you a sneak peek? I plan to share a tip for keeping all of those games organized. It’s me – you know I can’t resist!

You can either register for the webinar ahead of time or view the replay later by visiting this link.

Hope to see you there!


The One-Minute Club Goes Virtual

One of the top posts here on Piano Pantry is the One-Minute Club Note-Naming Challenge.

Recently, I went through a bit of an overhaul of my own program and in the process did a big update to the original blog post.

If you use this challenge, even if you’ve read the original post before, you’re going to want to check it out again as it now includes 7 small but really great tips to help ease nerves during the timing and help foster the best results in students.

Read the Original Post: One-Minute Club Note-Naming Challenge

Here we are, four years from the first time we talked about this studio-wide challenge, and every teacher around the world has suddenly been thrown into online teaching like we never expected.

So, today, let’s talk about a few different ways we can adapt this challenge to our online lessons including the pros and cons of each format!

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Friday Finds #175

Best-of (and a Giveaway!)

Hello friends and welcome to Friday Finds 175!

Today we are celebrating the best-of-the-best finds from the past 24 posts – from #151 to #174.

As usual, in celebration of a milestone, there will be a giveaway at the end. Woot, woot!

What is it, you ask?

I’ll be giving away 1 copy of “The Sessions” book – you choose which book you would like!

My only rule for myself is that this post would contain no more than 25 of the best items from these past weeks.

In order for an item to make the top 25, it had either to still be quite interesting or something that I absolutely love. It also had to hold value for us both now and in the future. In other words, is the item (fairly) timeless?

I’ve broken them down into a few categories to make it easier to consume.

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Friday Finds #174

Good Friday

Hello dear friends and happy Good Friday!


Wasn’t it just New Years’ day yesterday? *rapidly shaking head like a wet dog shakes its tail*

Yep, and yet here we are. Before we know it this will all be over and we will be enjoying the shining rays, fireworks, and freedom of Summer (we pray).

But before that…next week we’ll be celebrating Friday  Finds #175 here on Piano Pantry!

Time flies when you’re having fun (or in our current case, time flies even when you’re not having fun).

Our first milestone was the big #100 where I highlighted the top 100 finds. We also celebrated at #150.

Experience has taught me that it’s a lot of work to scour through 50-100 posts to look for the best-of-the-best, so from now on every 25 posts, I’m going to do a “best of” kick-back celebration.

Stay tuned for next week!



35% off method books?! Wow! (EverMusicBook.com)



Piano Adventures can be purchased digitally! Find it on Kindle, Google Play, and iBooks. Another option is to use the Piano Adventures Player app and pay $4.99 per level. The grapevine says these don’t include title names, dynamics or fingers though so just FYI). (Credit to Ally Santos who shared this on Piano Teacher Central!)



What I’ve learned from living a socially isolated life for the past two years (Amanda Chicago Lewis | Curbed)



Recently, I’ve rediscovered two childhood loves:  Minesweepers and Nilla Wafers.



An Easter playlist on Spotify made by me, myself, and I.



I’ve been loving having bananas in my freezer at all times lately but they’re a mess to defrost when you freeze them with the skins on. I was just thinking I needed a new way when I came across this: The Best Way to Freeze Bananas for Smoothies and Baking (Kelli Foster | The Kitchen). I did it and it’s true!



Should We Throw Our Piano Policies out the Window Now? (Wendy Stevens | Compose Create)



Alfred Student HymnalOne of my favorite hymn books for piano students:

The Piano Student’s Hymnal





Passion Week Visualized (including an hour-by-hour timeline for Good Friday) (Bible Gateway)



Healthy Snacks for Long Teaching Days (Amy Chaplin | Piano Pantry)