Meet Amy

Hi! It’s me, Amy.

Blue is my mojo; fun glasses and pixie cuts are my styles.


How Piano Pantry came to being

Way back when, my first career was as a middle school/high school choir teacher. It only took three years to realize that wasn’t my high calling.

It worked out because at that point in time my husband accepted a three-year stint overseas in Melbourne, Australia. As I was re-evaluating my new path during our Aussie adventure, two possible careers emerged:

Music (in some other form) or cooking (as in actual cooking school).

When we moved back to the US, my fate was directed when Ball State University gave me a call inquiring about an old application I had submitted for grad school before moving overseas.

I was offered an assistantship teaching piano lessons while working on my master’s in piano pedagogy in performance.

That was it.

The joy of cooking never left me, and thus, this site was born.

Yes, Piano Pantry is basically about piano teaching and organization, but the title gives you a hint that there may be more to it. I love to talk about food too.

Instagram is where a lot more of that happens.

Here’s my main account:

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If you want more of the foodstuff, follow my other Instagram account as well:

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10 Weird Facts About Me

1) My husband and I are both “a little country, a little city.” We love eating the gamut from hole-in-the-wall dives to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. We even call our house style “rugged elegant.”

2)  Good food is my game but I love a good Bologna sandwich or Double Stuffed Oreo once in a while. (I guess this one ties to #1!)

3)  We named our house. Doesn’t everyone? It’s called “Dreamy 7.”
Drew + Amy = Dreamy (you’re wondering if we’re in 6th grade here, right? LOL) + there are 7 different pitches of the roof on the house. Hence, “Dreamy 7.”

4)  Animals don’t find their way easily into my heart. (Don’t hate me!)

5)  I’m completely un-athletic but have always tried to maintain some kind of exercise routine. The 1980’s Buns of Steel with Greg Smithey was one of my favorite programs ever. Now I do Pilates almost every day.

6)  I can say the alphabet backward in under 5 seconds (thanks to long bus rides and a bus buddy as a kid).

7)  I can be gullible.

8)  My husband and I were Aussies for three years and called our website “Aussie Chaps.” We lived in Melbourne, Australia from 2006-2009 for his work.

9) One of my pet peeves is when the person who is driving the vehicle I am in does not change the pace of the windshield wipers enough to meet the outside weather.

10)  My first real job was selling Cutco knives. I hit F.S.M. status “Field Service Manager” with $25,000 in sales.


The “Formal” Bio