Speaking Sessions

Hey, teacher friends!

Is your local or state MTA looking for some fresh topics for the upcoming year? Whether you’re looking for an in-person session or a virtual session, I would love to share with your group!

Feel free to have a look at my current sessions below then contact me here to chat more about scheduling an engagement. Please let me know if you would like to read more full-detailed descriptions of any of the sessions.

Please visit this page to see a full history/timeline of all my speaking engagements.




15-20 Minute Sessions

Reset and Refresh: Tidying Tips for Studio Teachers 

Enjoy a workspace that is always fresh and orderly by implementing a simple, consistent, and sustainable tidying routine. Four specific time points, a small checklist, and an incremental (but minimal) time commitment will be your steps for a well-kept studio.


The Wow-Factor: Crafting Winning Proposals and Presentations 

Whether you’re looking to get started with presenting or simply “up your game,” attendees will glean practical strategies, tools, and tips for crafting a winning proposal and building engaging presentations.



50-60 minute Sessions

Connect and Engage: Professional Resources for the Independent Music Teacher

Just ten to fifteen years ago, you could almost count on one hand the number of blogs, podcasts, and other resources for independent teachers. As the online world has continued to grow exponentially, so has the availability of these resources. This session will pull together a concise overview of more than 80 resources, focusing on the best of what’s out there: resources that anyone in this profession should be aware of.

A birds-eye view, it will include professional associations and certifications, conferences (both in-person and virtual), magazines, student festivals and examinations, blogs and membership communities, e-commerce sites, private coaching, courses and webinars, Facebook groups and forums, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

Interweaved into this snapshot, we will consider best practices for consuming, saving, and utilizing information in a useful and meaningful way without getting overwhelmed. While this session is one every young professional should see, even seasoned teachers will glean fresh resources and professional management tips.


Evolutionary Entrepreneurialism: A Work-Life Blend

As independent teachers, getting caught up in the comfort zone of how we teach and run our businesses for years can be easy. Building and sustaining a thriving independent music studio in today’s quickly changing world sometimes requires more forward-thinking. It’s easy to feel hesitant or afraid of trying new things, but sometimes small changes can produce significant results.

The interesting thing is, that ideas don’t always have to come from us. It’s about paying attention to what you see happening around you – how families and society are evolving. Potential clients and demand can be the clue to unlocking a studio that not only grows but thrives.

Follow the evolution of one studio that altered focus more than five times to meet demand over the first ten years in business. Through various small (and sometimes significant) changes, potential clients were met where they were, and the studio continued to develop in new ways. Attendees will gain new insights into how to diversify their business, tap into the community and maintain a thriving business by evolving and saying “yes.”


Taming the Jungle: Digital Management Strategies for the Independent Music Teacher

In today’s world, running an independent music studio requires even more computer-based work than ever. While many tools are available at our fingertips, even the most computer and technology-savvy can find it overwhelming to keep up. Teachers are struggling with inboxes that are out of control, media storage needs that only continue to grow, piles of digital resources they don’t use, disorganized file storage, and more.

This session will address six digital landscapes teachers deal with daily: file storage, communication (email and devices), website content and blog posts, media, information-capturing apps, and studio business management. Within each area, attendees will better understand the range of tools available. Through brief tutorials and demonstrations, they will glean simple tips and tricks for managing all things digital.


Teaching the Way We Learn: Applications of Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory (MLT)

Learn how Gordon’s groundbreaking Music Learning Theory can help teachers tap into the way our minds naturally learn music. Gain fun, fresh activities and practical strategies for enabling your students to aurally comprehend (“audiate”) the music they are learning. (*Co-designed and optionally presented alongside Joy Morin.)