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If you're a piano teacher looking for resources to help make your life easier, then you're in the right place!

My name is Amy Chaplin and I love sharing tips and resources on teaching, managing an independent studio business, and getting (and staying) organized.  On occasion, my enthusiasm for cooking even sneaks into what we do here because...why not - it's a necessity of life!

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Here are some popular resources on Piano Pantry:

A Christmas book that will get your students playing by ear, harmonizing, transposing, creating, and more. The format encourages the development of audiation, improvisation, and creativity skills by presenting multi-level steps/variations on playing each tune. 

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Your ultimate resource for teaching your students to play “Happy Birthday” by-ear! Students learn to play the melody, add chord root harmony, develop creative variations, and track their arrangements. Plus, get lots of great teaching tips for each area as well as a few bonus MLT (Music Learning Theory)-inspired activities.

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This post series is full of items I curate especially for you. Some weeks we focus on one topic such as year-end evaluations, recital resources, rote music, etc. The last week of each month is a "best of" full of thought-provoking articles, best resource finds from the past month, favorite recipes or products, and more.

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Sold as individual-app and program-based labs, this series is super flexible.

Design your students’ curriculum and lab time not only around the apps and programs you enjoy the most but according to the age and level of students in your studio.

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Evernote Resources on Piano Pantry

Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned user looking to gain more tips and tricks for utilizing Evernote to its fullest potential, you’re in the right place!

Learn how to Use Evernote in your Music Studio


Keep things fresh in your studio and try a new assignment sheet! Whether it's for adult, preschool, or group classes, with more than 20 different sheets to choose from, you'l be sure to find a sheet that works for you and your students.

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Amy’s secret letter is a fun extension of everything that makes her blog a treasure - a vibrant life, devotion to excellent teaching, and a constant quest for the best resources available for music teachers. You’re always sure to find some gem that you can explore or use in your studio!

-Natalie Weber

I look forward to reading the secret letter. Always interesting news I can peruse and apply easily. Lucky us that Amy does all the work and we reap the benefits. Thanks, Amy!

-Sandy T.

I like Fridays -- your email pops in my inbox and sparks such great curiosity for me! Thank you!

-K. Palsky

I get so many fresh ideas. I can't wait to read everything.

-Doris Kirke

Amy never fails to deliver likeable resources and ideas. Her "secret letter" always inspires me to reflect on what's working (and not working) in my own studio life.

As we've all come to expect from her Friday Finds, Amy's well-balanced recommendations in the "secret letter" always leave me with new things to explore. I look forward to the letter every month!

-Christina Whitlock (Beyond Measure Podcast)