Friday Finds #271


A little on teaching and a lot on life. Oh, and apparently it’s a cucumber kind of week…



The Single Best Way to Store Cucumbers (The Kitchn)




Obsessively Good Avocado Cucumber Salad (Smitten Kitchen)



I posted a photo of my Cucumber Cottage Cheese Toast lunch on social media this past week, and everyone went wild. Make it now.  (Melissa Ben-Ishay)



I’m changing things up in my studio this year regarding how I handle year-end “evaluations.” One part of that is to try student-led conferences. Thanks to Rosemarie Penner for the idea!

(If you’re wondering, the other part is something I will share on the podcast here in the next couple of months, if not sooner!)



I really, really enjoyed watching the Live to 100 series on Netflix, to the point that I would probably watch it again. It highlights a lot of beautiful ingredients to living a vibrant and full life, and it’s nice to hear them reiterated in a study like this.



I’ve wanted to use a countertop composter for a long time and finally went through the research process. Here are three articles from Serious Eats that I found especially helpful:

16 Countertop Composters Reviewed

Lomi Composter (Here’s Whether It’s Worth it Or Not)

Is the Vitamix Countertop Composter Worth Its $400 Price Tag?

P.S. We decided to go with the Lomi as it can handle lemon rinds and has a bigger capacity.

P.S.S. Save money and look on eBay or Facebook Marketplace! We got ours for around $150, barely used



Need another easy lunch idea? Do these Shortcut Sesame Noodles.

BTW, the noodle she recommends in the post (Momofoku) is really good and worth it.



Spring is only a few days away! Here’s a fresh seasonal playlist for your listing pleasure. Spring by Amy Chaplin



The doors are now open for Piano Pantry Retreat! It will be held June 12-15 at my home in Indiana.



My husband loves sending me things he things would be fun for me to share on here on Friday Finds. This one is from him. 🙂



  • Amy,
    Thank you for the beautiful Spring
    Music. All selections are relaxing.

    It is also wonderful that the music goes for way over an hour.

    LP’s finish to quickly and single CD’s sometimes seem to not last very long.

    Looking forward to your Summer selection

    • Glad you’re enjoying it! I already have a summer playlist as well as many other playlists. If you look my profile up on Spotify (Amy Chaplin) you’ll find their those playlists. I would like it here but I’m doing it from my iPad and can’t grab the share link from the Spotify app.

  • I’m so glad you are doing student-led conferences in your studio. They take so much pressure off you as a teacher, students are surprised when they look back at home much they learn and it’s a beautiful moment between parent/guardian + student.
    Thanks for sharing here, Amy!
    Also, loved the “Live to 100” series on Netflix as well (it was my lunch tv ). It was great to see both the similarities, but also diversity in how these groups lived. And, loved that it went beyond just diet to many different factors.

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