Hey, there! Are you an independent music teacher?

Would you love to “pick the brain” of a fellow savvy IMT on something you’re struggling with?

Fresh inspiration and helpful feedback are right at your fingertips. A one-on-one consultation with Amy might be exactly what you need!

“Ms. Amy was amazing, very informative, gave me confidence, and led me in the right direction. I had a lot of ideas, but she helped me narrow down the first steps that I would need to take in my teachings. God bless her!!! Highly recommend her consultation.”

~Orlando Green


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What You Get / How it Works

(1) Purchase and schedule your 45-minute consultation session

(2) Prior to the meeting, I will send you a questionnaire, so I have context about your background, teaching experience, and area(s) of inquiry

(3) During the meeting, I will focus the discussion on your area(s) of concern, including personalized advice, observations, and suggested resources

(4) After the meeting, I will send you the video of our meeting along with an email summarizing the ideas and suggested resources discussed during our time together


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While I am confident and well-versed in many areas of piano pedagogy and running an independent music studio, topics of particular strength/interest include:

  • Studio business management (communication, payments, policies)
  • Studio marketing and social media
  • Productivity & Organization
  • Email management
  • Building rapport with the current families in your studio
  • Music Learning Theory application for piano
  • Piano methods, materials, and resources
  • Speaking and presenting skills (at a professional level)


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What does it cost?

Individual first-time consultations cost $95 and are payable via credit card or PayPal when booking through my online appointment service.

Is this like coaching?

No. Coaching is more about goal-setting and big-picture changes. These consulting sessions are intentionally designed as an easy way to get a little direction, feedback, and insight from a seasoned teacher without a big financial or time commitment.

Can we do more than one?

I am happy to set up a series of regularly-recurring or single follow-up sessions. Repeat customers receive a discount.

Why individual sessions?

Taking the next step or working to improve areas of our teaching and business can feel overwhelming because our profession requires we wear many “hats.” A single session will allow us to focus our time on one struggle you are having so implementation and growth feel achievable and productive.

Additional Questions?

Feel free to contact me here.


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