Evernote for Gmail: A Review

In April 2019, Evernote came out with a new add-on, “Evernote for Gmail.”

If you’re not sure what an add-on (extension/plug-in) is, it’s simply an extra little program that extends the functionality of whatever program you’re using whether it’s your internet browser, WordPress site, or email client.

You are likely most familiar with add-ons in your internet browser. As you can see in this small screen-shot, in the Google Chrome browser, add-ons are viewable to the right of the URL bar.

Today I wanted to share with you a few thoughts on whether or not Evernote for Gmail is a useful tool.


How Does it Work?

Evernote for Gmail is an add-on that allows you to save emails from Gmail into Evernote.

Here’s a short 0:51 promo video.

In Gmail, add-ons can be viewed in the right side-bar of your email account.

To get an add-on, click on the + symbol. (You can see from the screenshot below I also have add-ons for Google Calendar and Google Keep.)

The G Suite Marketplace will pop up. Type in the search bar “Evernote” (or whatever add-on you’re looking for).


Evernote for Gmail vs. Evernote Web Clipper

Once the add-on is active, you click on the Evernote icon to expand the tool. It may be hard to see clearly in this screen-shot, but it asks which Notebook you would like to save the email to and what tags to add. You can include comments as well.

Ah, isn’t that nice and useful. Except…

The Evernote Web Clipper extension does the EXACT SAME THING.

This add-on/extension is one that you add to your internet browser that can clip anything from the web (not just emails).

See my detailed post/video on the Web Clipper here.

(Just to clarify again: Evernote for Gmail is an add-on for your email, the Web Clipper is an add-on for your internet browser)

One minor annoyance I found with this add-on is that if you have Evernote for Gmail open in the right sidebar while scrolling through emails, it will reload with each email.

Watch this quick screen recording to see what I mean.


One Upside

One potential positive for having Evernote for Gmail is when using the Gmail app. Since the Evernote Web Clipper is a desktop function, if you wanted to save an email from your email app, Evernote for Gmail does make it easier.

Scroll to the bottom of the email. At the bottom, click on “Available add-ons:”


It will open up this box.

If you have Evernote Premium, however, you have yet another way to send emails into Evernote using your unique Evernote email address.


The Verdict

As you might have surmised, it is my opinion that as a stand-alone tool, Evernote for Gmail is not really that useful. My suggestion is to keep things simple and just use the Web Clipper.

See my detailed post/video on the Web Clipper here.

I mentioned at the beginning of the post that I also have the Google Calendar and Google Keep add-ons for Gmail. While I haven’t gotten into the habit of using them, they definitely are much more functional and useful add-ons than Evernote for Gmail.

Try them out for yourself!


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