The Fabulous Five: Top Posts from 2019

Here we are with the close of 2019 in our sight. The act of hitting pause and taking a moment to look back and reflect on the past 365 days has always proven to be a life-giving exercise.

I’ve been doing this since I started Piano Pantry and it always proves to be a lesson in gratitude – not just for what’s been “accomplished” – but for what life has given. Opportunity and the freedom to do what we love can easily be taken for granted in today’s world.

Thank you for being here, for connecting with me whether it be through Facebook comments, email replies to my newsletter, or comments on blog posts.

I hope that my little slice of pie in the online piano teacher content world proves to be, for you, not just useful, but inspiring, invigorating, and more than anything…inviting.

In today’s post, I’ll share:

  1. Five posts from 2019 that you deemed that most “fabulous” (by visiting them, of course 🙂 ).
  2. The top five posts of all time since Piano Pantry started in March 2016.
  3. A month-by-month run-down of the posts from 2019.
  4. A few fun stats.

I’m looking forward to what 2020 has in store!


Top Posts From 2019

#1 |  A Visual Guide for Formula Pattern Scales

A free and easy-to-use visual guide for introducing students to formula-pattern scales. Students enjoy playing this pattern once they get the hang of it!

#2 | 147 Tunes to Harmonize: Traditional, Popular, and Christmas

Get the free download of 147 tunes to harmonize using a little as the tonic chord or as much as four chords. Tips for teaching students to harmonize.

#3 | The Piece My Students and I Can’t Stop Playing

My students and I haven’t been able to stop playing this piece of music. Hear why they love it!

#4 | Instagram for Piano Teachers: 5 Fun Accounts to Follow

If you’re on Instagram and you’re a piano teacher, then you should be following these five fun accounts. A little piano, a little personal, a LOT of fun.

#5 | Christmas Gift Round-Up

An important tip for your studio gift-giving, a new gift idea from my studio, and a big ‘ole round-up of all the student gift ideas you could ever want!


Tops Posts of All-Time

#1 | Candy Jar Contest Printable

Use this free printable to hold a fun and simple studio-wide candy jar contest during a week of group class, Valentines, Halloween, or anytime!

#2 | Piano Safari Stuffed Animal Shopping Guide

Piano Safari method focuses on technique through animal imagery. Stuffed animals are a fun way to enhance the experience. Here are my recommended critters.

#3 | Evernote: An Independent Music Teacher’s Handbook, Part 1

Learn how Evernote can transform your life through increased productivity and studio organization as an independent music teacher.

#4 | One-Minute Club Note-Naming Challenge

How I implement the One-Minute Club Challenge in my studio. See my portable bulletin-board chart, ideas for leveling, and more.

#5 | Studio Awards: Policies and Procedures

Studio awards given at the spring recital are a great way to recognize achievements. A free download for tracking your studio awards.


Posts by Month

This may not perhaps be as interesting for you, but I always like to lay out a list of all the posts published over the past year. It’s a great exercise for myself in gratitude for what WAS accomplished over the past 365 days.


One Teacher’s King-Sized Master Spreadsheet



MTNA 2019 and Other News

A Visual Guide for Formula Pattern Scales

My Personal Recommendation for Karen Thickstun for MTNA President-Elect

Free Printable: My Hands Watch them Grow



147 Tunes to Harmonize: Traditional, Popular, and Christmas

12 Ways to Turn a Potentially Frustrating Lesson into a Musical Opportunity

Conference Highlights: MTNA 2019, Spokane



Giveaway! Piano Lessons: Music, Love, and True Adventures

Improve Your Audience’s Experience with these Simple Signs



Studio Awards Update (Including Some Awesome Trophies!)



What I Learned from My 11 Months as a Worship Team-Leader

Instagram for Independent Teachers: The #1 Reason You Should Be There

Instagram for Piano Teachers: 5 Fun Accounts to Follow

Evernote for Gmail: A Review



A Summer Coffeehouse Recital



2019-2020 Birthday Postcards

Music Labs in the Independent Studio: A Brief History (and a Big Announcement)

Shop is Open: Check Out the New Music Lab Series

My Favorite Computer-Based Program for Music Lab Time

More than 100 Videos for Your Music Lab

Finally! A Music Lab/Assignment Sheet for Piano Explorer Magazine

Two High-Quality iPad Theory Apps

Favorite iPad Apps for Music Lab



The Piece My Students and I Can’t Stop Playing

A New Halloween-Themed Music Lab

Halloween Favorites: Games, Resources, Graphics, and More

Christmas Gift Round!

5 Reasons Why Google Photos Might Be the Perfect Solution for Your Studio



Email Madness: 3 Tips for Managing Your Inbox

Giving Tuesday: 10 Music-Based Organizations to Consider



December Fun: Christmas Games and Activities for Your Studio

The Fabulous Five: Top Posts from 2019


Piano Pantry Stats

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724 Clicks to Amazon
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Celebrated 150 Friday Finds
88 Posts Published
45 Friday Finds
10 Music Lab Resources
9 Secret Letters
4 Speaking Engagements
1 Crazy Blogger


Wrap-Up Posts from Previous Years

Interested in what the top posts were from previous years?

Piano Pantry’s Best of 2016

Top Posts from 2017: Your Favorite Topics All in One Place

Top Posts from 2018: The Best of the Best


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