Candy Jar Contest (Free Printable)

Candy jar contests are sure to grab the interest of young and old alike. Let’s be honest here, when is the last time you turned down an opportunity to guess the number of items in a jar whether it be candy, pennies, or otherwise! πŸ™‚

In my piano studio, I find the candy jar contest to be an easy way to build community. It may feel a little far-reaching, but since most music lessons are solo events, any time I can create an opportunity for all students to engage in the same thing (even if they’re not doing it together all at once), I consider that a win.

For more on building commmunity in your music studio, see the Varsity Musician’s Playbook series here on Piano Pantry.

In this post, I have a free download for you to run your own candy jar contest.


Like a Kid in a Candy Store

It’s likely most of us have at least one time in our lives participated in a “guess how many pieces are in the jar” contest. Whether it’s a jar of pennies, buttons, or colorful skittles, who wouldn’t get a little excited to try their luck at guessing the number of pieces?

Some simply throw a number onto a piece of paper and call it a guess; others methodically count as many as they can on the outside and then calculate their number based on the size of the jar.

No matter what item the jar is full of or how you come up with your number, it’s always fun to take a guess.

This free download includes an 8×10 PDF contest page announcement. I laminate mine and set it on a small easel I bought at Walmart.

It also includes a PDF with 30 guessing cards.

Put out an empty jar for them to throw their guess into, and you’re good to go!

There are a few times of the year I find this to be a fun time to use:

  1. During a group class week – The kids get excited and congregate around the jar, secretly trying to calculate their guesses.
  2. Valentine’s – no particular reason that it just feels right, LOL
  3. Halloween – because the holiday is half about costumes and half about candy!

I hope your students enjoy this fun little studio-wide contest!



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