Favorite iPad Apps for Music Lab

This post highlights a few of my go-to iPad apps for Music Lab time that my students enjoy: Rhythm Cat HD, Rhythm Lab, and Staff Wars.


Rhythm Cat HD

Rhythm Cat HD is a rhythm app available on iOS. If you would like to try it out, check out the free version, Rhythm Cat Lite HD.

The paid version, Rhythm Cat HD (currently $4.99), currently includes six stages, each with ten levels. If you are looking to use this as a lab for your students, then you will need the full paid version.

Please note that this app does not have a way for the student to hear the rhythm in playback. They tap the rhythm along to an accompaniment track. Often the accompaniment does not include the rhythm in any way, so students must have a solid sense of beat. If they miss just one note, they will receive two, not three stars.

Stages and levels can only be unlocked by successful completion. So, you cannot assign stage 4 to a student until someone has successfully mastered and unlocked stages 1, 2, and 3.


Corresponding Music Lab Sheet

Students cannot “sign-in” to this app to track their progress, so I like to assign stages and track progress by having them fill out this music lab sheet.

It is recommended not to assign a stage until the student is proficient at the rhythms included.

For example, even though level one only uses whole, half, and quarter notes, some of the exercises must be executed at fast tempos.

This download includes two pages covering all six stages and ten levels.

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Rhythm Lab

Rhythm Lab is a comprehensive rhythm app available for iOS (currently $3.99). Not only does it have an extensive amount of leveled exercises, but the app will allow you to create custom rhythm patterns. With so many levels, students could potentially use this app over several years of lessons.

There are two sets of pre-leveled rhythms already created for you. The A-1 rhythms are one-handed rhythms, and the B-2 rhythms are two-handed rhythms. Since they progress at about the same level of difficulty, consider assigning them simultaneously such as A-1 (Level 1A) and B-2 (Level 1B) before going on to A-1 (Level 2A) and B-2 (Level 2B).


Corresponding Music Lab Sheet

Rhythm Lab is one of the few apps out there that will allow you to create student log-ins to track individual progress and scores. When you first install the program, you will want to set up usernames for students to log in.

Despite the app being able to track individual progress, manual tracking using this lab sheet makes it easier to assign work and view progress.

This download is fifteen pages long covering 59 different sets of exercises.

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Staff Wars

Staff Wars is a note-naming app available on iOS (currently $0.99). As you can imagine, due to the play on “Star Wars,” this app is a hit a lot of students.

With five different clef settings (treble, tenor, grand, alto, and bass), students can go through a LOT of note-naming practice in a variety of ways.

There are 8 “ranges” total – seven pre-sets and one manual. The teacher may assign the range and clef to the student or have the student choose their own settings.

Students can shift the layout of the note names on the screen selector by using the left and right arrows. As the notes are named faster, the game will speed up. They have three lives to lose before the game ends and they can try again!


Corresponding Music Lab Sheet

Students cannot “sign-in” to this app to track their progress, so progress is tracked by filling out their music lab sheet.

While this lab only has two pages, there is no limit to how many times the game can be assigned. Simply reproduce the second page of the lab (the full-page) front and back as needed (as per the terms of use, of course). The front page that includes student directions would not be reproduced again.

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