New “Secret” Letter

Not more than a month ago, Piano Pantry celebrated its second birthday.  March of 2016 was when my first post hit the world-wide-web.

For the past year, I’ve been pondering something and I want to share it with you today (if you haven’t already heard).

If you’re subscribed to receive updates from Piano Pantry, for the past couple of years those emails have been mostly been about notifying you of new content and sending you an occasional personal email.

That’s just not good enough though. I wanted to be more consistent and intentional about how I connect and engage with you. I want to serve you by creating something tangible, useful, and real that you would look forward to seeing hit your inbox.

The last thing I want to do though is bombard you with emails. Can I tell you a secret? The online “platform-building” world tells you that you should write email letters to your subscribers once a week because we should treat you like a friend – someone you talk to regularly.

Sorry, but I disagree! Maybe I’ll be the one that loses out on followers, but my life does not revolve around weekly emails from my favorite bloggers. My philosophy in a lot of areas of life is “less is more.”

So, after months of considering how I want to serve you and communicate with you on a regular (but non-pestering) manner, I am happy to announce my new monthly “secret letter.”

This letter won’t be found anywhere else (even on social media). It will be filled with everything from what’s going on in my studio to what I’m watching on Netflix, books I’m reading, things I’m learning about, discovering, and more.

The first one went out the last day in March. Since April’s letter will be sent soon, I wanted to let you know so you can get signed up.

You can subscribe here. 

Just so there are no surprises, please know that your subscription means you agree to receive electronic communications from me which may include but is not limited to weekly blog updates, news, offers, and announcements.

I promise to treat your email with tender love and care just as I like mine to be treated. 🙂



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