A New Halloween-Themed Music Lab

A new lab has been added to the Music Lab Shop!

Introduce students to “spooky” classical music with this fun Halloween-themed lab!

Four pages long, this lab guide accompanies the (free) Halloween Videos series published here on Piano Pantry. Comprised of 13 videos, there’s over an hour of listening for your students to enjoy!

This lab sheet gives students brief and easy-to-digest background information on the piece followed by a reflection question.

For years my Halloween music lab was comprised of just a few videos students did the week or two leading up to Halloween. They were asked to write out their answers to the questions on the lab sheet but I found it kind of annoying to have to go in and “grade” their lab assignments.

It wasn’t that I was giving them a grade or score, but I was mostly just making sure they gave the right answers. If they didn’t, then (as a teacher should), I felt like I should go over it with them during their next lesson. That was all just waayyy more than what I wanted labs to be.

It’s important to me that lab assignments are enrichening for students while being as low-maintenance ongoing for me as possible. 

In order to avoid teachers having to “grade” the lab, the reflection question is intended for them to use simply to ponder and listen actively.

The student also rates the video, which serves both as a way for students to reflect on how the piece made them feel and to track the pieces that they’ve listened to in the lab.

If you only have students do this lab for a week or two leading up to Halloween then you might be able to use it with students two or three years in a row depending on how long your lab time is!

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