Ten Posts and Podcasts You Loved in 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for being here. It’s a joy and a privilege to share with you all through this blog, podcast, and social media.

This time of year, it’s always fun to peek back at what the year brought us before being present for the holidays and looking forward to the year ahead.

While the Piano Pantry Blog was a little quieter this year due to the launch of the weekly podcast, I still managed to share with you through the written word in 22 posts (now 23) and 13 Friday Finds. Included in that mix, we hit #250 in the Friday series, where many of you chimed in with YOUR favorites. Launching at the start of January 2022, the podcast hit a nice round #50 (which makes this Enneagram 3 very happy! LOL).

This post will highlight the top five blog posts and top five podcast episodes from this past year.  Honestly, it’s hard to say how 100% accurate the stats are because posts that occurred earlier in the year have had more time to get more views, etc., and with podcasts, it can be hard to get clear and accurate stats between all the platforms.

Previous Top-Post Highlights: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016


Top 5 Blog Posts

Building a Lending Library of Piano-Themed Children’s Books (January 2022)

In this post, I shared 15 of my favorite music-themed children’s books so you can begin building your own lending library!


Listening Playlists To Accompany Music-Themed Children’s Books (February 20220

Of all the children’s books I had, I noticed quite a few had suggested listening lists in the back of the book. Thus was born the idea to create listening playlists to accompany some of these books!

I’ve been using Spotify for years to create playlists of my own. It’s a wonderful place to create public playlists anyone can listen to. In this post, I shared brief synopses of each of these nine books and the direct link to each playlist.

Expressive Movement Videos for Preschool Lessons and Group Classes (March 2022)

A compilation of more than a dozen online videos similar to John Feierabends’ MoveIt! Series that gets kids moving to both the form and expressive quality music. They’re really fun to use in group classes for younger students especially.

Music Teacher Eats: MTNA 2022 Edition (April 2022)

In this post, I shared all the recipes I cooked over the week (at least those available online) that I cooked for my music teacher’s friends gathering during the virtual 2022 MTNA National Conference.

A Tour of Amy’s Kitchen and Pantry (May 2022)

It only took me a few years, but I finally shared a virtual tour of my new kitchen and pantry in this post! If you’ve been around here, you know I’m a piano teacher who loves to cook, so this was especially fun to share.

Amy's kitchen side view


Top Five Podcast Episodes

In rough order from most downloads, the current #1 episode is……

#033 Utilizing Student Binders

#034 How to Teach Students to Play Happy Birthday By Ear

#031 Easing into the First Lesson

#027 Apps I Use Daily

#003 Group Class Scheduling Experiences and Ideas

While all of the Teacher Talk episodes are quite popular, the stats from Apple Podcasts, Anchor, etc., were conflicting enough that I decided only to include the solo podcast episodes that rose obviously to the top in the ranking.

I’m looking forward to another year of fun and learning with my teacher friends. Thanks for sticking around! Here comes 2023!!!


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