My 2021-2022 Student Christmas Gifts

Over the years, I’ve shared several ideas for Christmas gifts for students, including all that I’ve done up until 2020. If you would like to check out some of those, visit these posts:

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I’m playing a little “catch-up” in today’s post, sharing what I did last year and this year.


My 2021 Student Christmas Gifts

Have you ever done a “hodge-podge” gift year? This was one of those years for me.

The main gift I planned and was especially excited to give was sugar cookies decorated with the new studio logo (the small version).

If you want to read more on this new logo pursuit, read this post: Keep Your Studio Marketing Fresh with New Branding

Thankfully, we have a bakeshop in our small town so I could hire them out (cookie decorating is not my strong suit)!

I wanted to do a little something more, so I pulled out extra stock I had left from previous year’s gifts, including two different ornaments and a bookmark (read about the ornaments in this post and the bookmarks in this post).

I also had a handful of fun Christmas-themed Japanese erasers I had purchased for game markers but never really used for that purpose. I knew the kids would love them!

Since I didn’t have enough of any one item for all students, this is where the “hodge-podge” came in. All students got a cookie and could choose one other item, an eraser, bookmark, or ornament. It was a great way to use what I already had!


My 2022 Student Christmas Gifts

As soon as I saw an idea I was excited about this year; I quickly made the purchase. Doing it back in October meant no stress come December! All items were on hand and ready to assemble the week I realized it was time to hand them out.

They’re grand piano-shaped acrylic candy boxes filled with Sixlet’s candy. How fun is that?!

Originally, I purchased these on Amazon; however, they were gone quickly. After sharing this idea with those on my email list right after I purchased them, a teacher emailed me saying they were already gone, but she had found someone on this website, and they’re still there! (Thanks, Jill Herbold!)

I thought they were a great value at $12 for a pack of 8 (which is about what I paid on Amazon as well).

The plan at first was to use single-color M&M’s, but I found it cheaper to buy 1-lb bags of single-color Sixlets at my local Walmart than trying to order single-color M&M’s on Amazon. It was $5 a bag, and I used almost four bags to fill 32. (I couldn’t find the 1-lb bags of red and green colors online.)

The total cost of each was a little over $2.


Thank You To These Teachers!

Many thanks to the teachers who shared about these acrylic grand pianos online! I didn’t find them myself! Click on the images below to visit that post/story.


Did you do gifts for your students this year? If so, share in the comments!



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