Friday Finds #86 #MusicTeacherChat


1 – Spicing Up Burgmüller

New two-piano teaching duets for Burgmüller’s Op. 100!


2 – #MusicTeacherChat

MTNA started a new initiative on Twitter called Music Teacher MondayI’m not a big Twitter user myself, but if you are, it sounds interesting!


3 – Reality

Kinda personal, but hey, it’s life. The Undergarment Essentials Every Woman Should Own.


4 – Something to Listen To

An interesting podcast episode on Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase” & Minimalism from Classical Classroom.


5 – Keepin’ the Teens

Some great suggestions for beautiful modern piano music for teens. I was already familiar with a few of these but am always happy for more ideas!


6 – Small Eats

Interested in fun and unique snacks? Check out Amazon Prime’s new “Prime Samples” program.


7 – Ooh, it’s Pretty

Little Gems for Piano has a beautiful new website. Check it out.


8 – Me Too

A great video on how to number the music staff.



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