Friday Finds #82 Football and Valentines


1 – Podcast

An Eggheads Guide to the Superbowl. Yep, this is is for people like me.


2 – Piano Props

Sports-themed Iwako Erasers. You name it, they make it in a Japanese Eraser. Thank you, Iwako for helping piano teachers make lessons fun.


3 – Goodies

A round-up of all kinds of goodies for Superbowl including piano games and my favorite game-day recipes.


4 – Keepin’ it Cool

Remember Lady Gaga’s Circular Piano from last year? Still cool.


5 – What’s Up

Who’s up for the big show this year? Justin Timberlake and Pink. It’s the third half-time show Timberlake has scored. I say it’s time for a fresh face. Let’s see what he’s got for us this year though!


6 – Student Valentines

I’m not a crafter but last year I decided to use Wendy Steven’s Valentine Music Note Cards as Valentines for my students attached to a piece of candy. This year I’m going to use Joy Morin’s Piano Valentine Printable. She also has another one that’s a little more in-depth that this non-crafter will pass on but you might love!


7 – Romantic Music

I’m excited to try out Playful Piano’s Shades of Sound: Listening & Coloring Book for Valentines Day.  What a great activity for either a group class or music lab time!


8 – Romantic Gesture

Valentines always reminds me of this photo my husband made for me years and years ago when he was big into photography. He’s still a bit of a pyro but always with safety first. 🙂



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