Game Day Roundup for your Studio and Kitchen

Soon, many Americans will be gathering for one of the biggest annual sporting events – Super Bowl Sunday.

In honor of the upcoming festivities, in this post, I’ll share some:

(1) Favorite football-themed lessons, worksheets, games, and music

(2) Favorite game-day recipes

(3) A couple of personal memories of years past

First, the memories.


Football, “Footy,” and I

As a non-sports fan, Super Bowl Sunday for me is a day where I get to have fun making all kinds of fun food and spending time with people I love. I’m that person: the commercial-watching, appetizer-eating, half-time show critic. The only time I’m ever interested in the game itself is when the Indianapolis Colts are playing.

If you’re like me when it comes to the Super Bowl, you may check out the podcast An Egghead’s Guide to the Super Bowl by Freakonomics.

My biggest Super Bowl memory was Super Bowl XLI (2007) between the Colts and the Chicago Bears. At the time, we were living in Melbourne, Australia. We kept a blog of our adventures back then called Aussie Chaps. Here’s what I said at the time:

Did you think we’d actually miss seeing the Colts play in the Super Bowl just because we live 12,000 miles away? Of course not! We ordered the sports channel for a month just so we could catch the game!

Another somewhat related memory I have from that time (just because it had to do with sports) happened a few months after that Super Bowl.

I was working as an office temp with a non-profit organization called the Asset Management Council (while teaching piano part-time). I did some marketing for them and then helped manage and prepare their annual conference.

The theme was sports-focused since it was held at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). The speaker was Tim Watson who apparently is/was a revered AFL (Australia Rules Football League) hero. (P.S. Did you know that Australia Rules Football a.k.a. “Footy,” isn’t like American football at all?)

If you’re interested in learning more about Footy you may check out the podcast Footy for Two.


This was the only time I made it into a sports stadium in Australia as we never made it to an Aussie Rules or Cricket game!

Now onto a few of my favorite recipes to make on game day(s).


Eight of my favorite recipes for game day

Appetizer foods are my favorite food category. When we go to restaurants, I will often order my meal from the appetizer menu.

There are eight of my favorite appetizer recipes:


As often as I can, I serve chips and dips in this beautiful tray my husband made me several years ago. Am I a lucky girl or what?


Activities for your Sports-Loving Kiddos

Football Note Match-Up from Discoveries Piano Studio



Super Bowl Rhythm Cards from Fun Key



Football Grand Staff Game from Teachers Pay Teachers *Note this is free for 24 hours at the time of this post!



Football Key Game from Teachers Pay Teachers




Football Fever sheet music from Wendy Stevens



Touchdown sheet music from Piano Pronto




Piano Football Incentive from The View From My Studio Blog.



How about You?

What are some of your favorite football-themed piano games, food, or memories? Share in the comments!


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