Friday Finds #190

Using forScore with Online Students



Creating a video in forScore for your online students
(Deborah Rambo Sinn)

Using forScore to give written feedback from online lessons
(Deborah Rambo Sinn)



New Piano Studio Layout for COVID-19 Social Distancing
(Rebekah Maxner)



Piano on the Patio! Quarantine Teaching Adventures Continued
(Joy Morin | ColorInMyPiano)



How COVID Led My Students to Amazing Creative Music Endeavours
(LouAnn Pope |



Lots going on in our profession!

Last week I gave a shout-out of congratulations to Sara Campbell on her rebranding.

This week we’re giving three more shout-outs:

Nicola Cantan from Vibrant Music Teaching just opened a shop with some fun t-shirt and coffee mug swag.

Beginning today and running through September 27th, Jennifer Foxx is celebrating her 10-year blog-aversary with 10 days of freebies and giveaways!

Tim Topham officially launched the new Top Music Marketplace.
(P.S. You can find some of my top-selling music lab resources there!)
(P.S.S. I was tickled to get a little shout-out on the podcast announcement at around the 2:55 marker. 🙂 )



Washington: Images of the Evergreen State (The Atlantic)



Christmas Music Round-Up, 2020 Edition (Chrissy Ricker)



“Because” vs. “And” (Seth Godin)



This Spinach and Feta Frittata made for a lovely lunch this past week! Now that my husband works from home full time – we both do – some days our lunches are a little more special than just leftovers!

P.S. I added 8oz. sliced mushrooms in and sautéed them with the onions before adding in the egg mixture. 



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