Favorite Elementary-Level Sheet Music Piano Solos

This is the second of three posts that will highlight some of my favorite sheet music piano solos for students.

These favorites lists are the result of a year-long focus in my studio, exploring the wide range of sheet music solos in publication. If you would like to read about the 9 things I learned from that project, check out this post.

Since I have quite a few to mention, I decided to divide the list into three posts. Today I’ll be sharing favorite pieces at the Early Elementary, Elementary, and Late Elementary levels including the reason I love it and a link where you can purchase.

The first post featured Halloween-themed music and the next one will introduce Early Intermediate, Intermediate, and Later Intermediate pieces.

Please note I am an affiliate in the Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates program which simply means if you purchase any of these pieces using the links I provide, I will get a small percentage back without it costing you any extra.


Early Elementary

Dancing Drums by Joyce Grill

Why I love it: It’s in Aeolian (Natural Minor) tonality and has a really catchy beat.

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I Like Bananas by Julie Knerr

Why I love it: A fun and silly piece that helps beginning students explore the range of the piano.

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I Love Coffee from Piano Safari

Why I love it: A rote solo piece, I Love Coffee is a theme with six variations. There is a multitude of fun ways to use this piece both as a student solo and even in a small group.

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Why I love it: It has a beautiful melody that seems to plays around the tonic to start then moves into a lovely contrasting B section.

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Start Your Engines by Kevin Olson

Why I love it: Most early elementary pieces are catered to young children, but this one appeals to older students. I even had a 14-year old boy who played and love this piece.

It includes a B section where the student works on slowly accelerating (like a car) until the final three measures where they play “as fast as they can” culminating in a note cluster “crash” of the car.

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Creepy Creaky Sounds by Martha Mier

Why I love it: Everyone loves to play fast but this piece really gives students a good reason to have to play slowly! 🙂

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The Mysterious Forest by Carolyn Setliff

Why I love it: This piece has a nice triple-meter feel and is in A harmonic minor tonality, playing around just enough in the B section to keep it interesting.

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Rainbow Colors by Julie Knerr

Why I love it: This piece uses a melodic 5th pattern and hand-crossings to create a lovely and yet simple piece that students love.

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Scary Shadows by Melody Bober

Why I love it: It incorporates the LH crossing over the RH in places and has a nice teacher duet.

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Up sandy ripple road wendy stevens

Why I love it: Every student who has ever played this piece loves it. I even had a student once who could still play it by memory a year later she loved it that much. It has a lovely melody.

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Late Elementary


Autumn Moon by Ted Cooper

Why I love it: Gently flowing melody with a little hand crossing and octave exploration.

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Castle Days by Kathleen Massoud

Why I love it: It’s in the key of Em and uses a left-hand pattern that moves down by a step every measure but is simple.

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Fire Dance by David Karp

Why I love it: The Vivace tempo truly makes it feel like it’s on “fire” which, of course, kids LOVE.

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Medieval Tournament by Mike Springer

Why I love it: Kids absolutely love anything that sounds bold, victorious, or bombastic. Generally, that means anything with fire, castle, medieval, or pirate theme are winners. LOL

This piece uses a simple harmonic 5th accompaniment which also makes it an “eas(ier) but still cool and exciting-sounding” piece.

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The Knight’s Tale by Catherine Rollin

Why I love it: The very same reasons I love the “Medieval Tournament” piece listed above! 🙂

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The Victorious Knight by Scott Price

Why I love it: Ditto on the once again “bold and victorious-sounding.”

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Touch a Rainbow by Dennis Alexander

Why I love it: It uses a couple of different LH accompaniment patterns that feature 7th chord harmonies making for a beautiful piece.

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