Favorite Elementary-Level Sheet Music Piano Solos

This is the second of three posts highlighting some of my favorite sheet music piano solos for students.

These favorites lists are the result of a year-long focus in my studio, exploring the wide range of sheet music solos in publication. Check out this post if you want to read about the nine things I learned from that project.

Since I have quite a few to mention, I divided the list into three posts. Today I’ll be sharing favorite pieces at the Early Elementary, Elementary, and Late Elementary levels, including the reason I love them and a link where you can purchase them.

The first post featured Halloween-themed music, and the third will feature Early Intermediate, Intermediate, and Later Intermediate pieces.

Please note I am an affiliate in the Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates program which simply means if you purchase any of these pieces using the links I provide, I will get a small percentage back without it costing you any extra.


Early Elementary

Dancing Drums by Joyce Grill

Why I love it: It’s in Aeolian (Natural Minor) tonality and has a really catchy beat.

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I Like Bananas by Julie Knerr

Why I love it: A fun and silly piece that helps beginning students explore the range of the piano.

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I Love Coffee from Piano Safari

Why I love it: A rote solo piece, I Love Coffee, is a theme with six variations. There is a multitude of fun ways to use this piece, both as a student solo and even in a small group.

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Why I love it: It has a beautiful melody that seems to play around the tonic to start, then moves into a lovely contrasting B section.

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Start Your Engines by Kevin Olson

Why I love it: Most early elementary pieces are catered to young children, but this one appeals to older students. I even had a 14-year-old boy who played and loved this piece.

It includes a B section where the student works on slowly accelerating (like a car) until the final three measures, where they play “as fast as they can,” culminating in a note cluster “crash” of the car.

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Creepy Creaky Sounds by Martha Mier

Why I love it: Everyone loves to play fast, but this piece gives students a good reason to play slowly! 🙂

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The Mysterious Forest by Carolyn Setliff

Why I love it: This piece has a nice triple-meter feel and is in A harmonic minor tonality, playing around just enough in the B section to keep it interesting.

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Rainbow Colors by Julie Knerr

Why I love it: This piece uses a melodic 5th pattern and hand-crossings to create a lovely yet simple piece that students love.

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Scary Shadows by Melody Bober

Why I love it: It incorporates the LH crossing over the RH in places and has a nice teacher duet.

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Up sandy ripple road wendy stevens

Why I love it: Every student who has ever played this piece loves it. I even had a student once who could still play it by memory a year later – she loved it that much. It has a lovely melody.

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Late Elementary


Autumn Moon by Ted Cooper

Why I love it: Gently flowing melody with a little hand crossing and octave exploration.

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Castle Days by Kathleen Massoud

Why I love it: It’s in the key of Em and uses a left-hand pattern that moves down by a step every measure but is simple.

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Fire Dance by David Karp

Why I love it: The Vivace tempo truly makes it feel like it’s on “fire,” which, of course, kids LOVE.

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Medieval Tournament by Mike Springer

Why I love it: Kids absolutely love anything that sounds bold, victorious, or bombastic. Generally, that means anything with fire, castle, medieval, or pirate themes are winners. LOL

This piece uses a simple harmonic 5th accompaniment, making it an “eas(ier) but still cool and exciting-sounding” piece.

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The Knight’s Tale by Catherine Rollin

Why I love it: The very same reasons I love the “Medieval Tournament” piece listed above! 🙂

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The Victorious Knight by Scott Price

Why I love it: Ditto on the once again “bold and victorious-sounding.”

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Touch a Rainbow by Dennis Alexander

Why I love it: It uses a couple of different LH accompaniment patterns that feature 7th-chord harmonies making for a beautiful piece.

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  • I have a few of these, but there are several I have not heard of! My students love taking home “sheets.” Something about it makes it feel more special than their method books. Thanks for the recommendations! I am excited to check these out!

  • Thank you so much! I wasn’t familiar with any of these and have added them to my music list on sheetmusicplus. Thank you for the recommendations!

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