Friday Finds #189

Condolences and Congratulations



The piano pedagogy world has experienced a great loss in the passing of Nancy Bachus.

You may be most familiar with some of her publications including Exploring Piano Classics, Beyond the (Baroque/Classical/Romantic) Spirit, and Alfred’s Great Music & Musicians: An Overview of Music History.



Bluegrass music makes it into my playlist often. One group I have been especially fond of is The Arcadian Wild. Some of my favorite pieces include (links to the songs will open in Spotify):

Blue Eyed Girl
The Food Truck Blues
Wander. Wonder.
The Ballad of Donnie Gene



Everyone is going bonkers for Rock out Loud, but here’s some great information on how Zoom is stepping up from Davis Dorough over at Creative Piano Teacher – High-Fidelity Music Mode in Zoom.



Life is Too Short (Joshua Becker | Becoming Minimalist)



Louisiana: Images of the Pelican State (The Atlantic)



How one kid can destroy the performance of John Cage solo for sliding trombone.

This is hilarious and, bless his heart, the performer was a trooper! The title is wrong though in my opinion. The kid didn’t destroy the solo – the solo brought the child great joy! 🙂 I’m with the kid – it’s a hilarious solo! LOL.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, the highlight starts around 3-min in.



Send piano tuning reminders to your studio families. (Sara Campbell | Saras Music Studio)



Congrats to Sara, by the way on her rebranding from Sara Campbell-Biz Coach to Savvy Music Studio.



Load up on some great Halloween sheet music to give out over the next few weeks! Favorite Sheet Music Piano Solos for Halloween.



Here are some ideas for easy meals as you’re getting back into the swing of teaching.




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