Favorite Sheet Music Piano Solos for Halloween

This is the first of three posts highlighting some of my favorite sheet music piano solos for students.

These favorites lists are the result of a year-long focus in my studio, exploring the wide range of sheet music solos in publication. If you would like to read about the 9 things I learned from that project, check out this post.

Since I have quite a few to mention, I decided to divide the list into three posts. Today I’ll be sharing favorite Halloween-themed sheet music piano solos including the reason I love it and a link where you can purchase. I’m doing it first because Halloween will be here before we know it!

(Stay tuned for two more posts. The first will include favorite pieces at the Early Elementary, Elementary, and Late Elementary levels and the second post on Early Intermediate, Intermediate, and Later Intermediate pieces.)

Please note I am an affiliate in the Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates program which simply means if you purchase any of these pieces using the links I provide, I will get a small percentage back without it costing you any extra.

P.S. I just saw that if you’re a member of MTNA, you can get an additional 10% off your order at Sheet Music Plus on top of their 8% Easy Rebates program!


Early Elementary

Halloween Costumes by Tom Gerou

Why I love it: The piece includes both the leading tone and subtonic in Am (G and G#) giving it a little more interesting flair.

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Zoom, Zoom, Witch’s Broom by Nancy Faber

Why I love it: Its fast-moving tempo is a nice challenge for students. The piece also gives them a chance to experience the fermata, pedal, octave leaps.

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Creepy Creaky Sounds by Martha Mier

Why I love it: Everyone loves to play fast but this piece really gives students a good reason to have to play slowly! 🙂

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The Mysterious Forest by Carolyn Setliff

Why I love it: This piece has a nice triple-meter feel and is in A harmonic minor tonality, playing around just enough in the B section to keep it interesting.

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Scary Shadows by Melody Bober

Why I love it: It incorporates the LH crossing over the RH in places and has nice teacher duet.

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Late Elementary

Autumn Moon by Ted Cooper

Why I love it:

Gently flowing melody with a little hand crossing and octave exploration.

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Ghost Waltz by Edwin McLean

Why I love it: It’s a good opportunity for students to practice the waltz accompaniment pattern. It uses both D# and D natural so students get to hear both forms of the natural and harmonic minor tonality.

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Witches’ Brew by Catherine Rollin

Why I love it: The entire piece uses staccato and is a different kind of challenge or the student to play staccato through the entire piece!

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As you get away from the elementary levels, you don’t find as many cutesy Halloween-themed pieces. You do however get a lot of pieces that are nocturnes or midnight/moonlight-themed pieces that can fit the bill for Halloween-feeling repertoire.


Early Intermediate

Haunted Hollow by Kevin Olson

Why I love it: The alteration of an Am and Fm chord in this Halloween waltz creates a really unique and interesting sound.

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Midnight Express by Christopher Fisher

Why I love it: The Presto tempo marking and alternating 5th and octave accompaniment patterns make this a great challenge piece for a student.

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Moonlight by Lee Galloway

Why I love it: Written in 12/8 time, the LH broken chord pattern walks down by half steps and changes harmony each measure.

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Midnight Escapade by Melody Bober

Why I love it: Fast, exciting, patterned, and uses a left-hand melody in places.

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Late Intermediate

Midnight Rhapsody by Melody Bober

Why I love it: A really exciting piece with a somewhat spooky feel; unique textures and changes throughout.

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Moonlight Fantasy by Melody Bober

Why I love it: This bold, rhapsodic piece uses large leaps, chromatic passages, and various textures for a truly exciting “fantasy.”

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