Friday Finds #132



Two great articles on a similar topic you may relate to!

How Motherhood changed the way I teach piano (Piano Teacher Confessions) by Rebekah Maxner

Has Parenthood Changed My Teaching? by Elissa Milne



I’m totally loving this steel frame dish rack. Would you pay that much for a dish rack?



Awesome new podcast alert! Check out Decomposed with Jade Simmons

“Decomposed breaks down the stories that have shaped classical music, from secrets and scandals to acts of sheer genius. Hear these stories accompanied by the symphonies, operas and other masterpieces they inspired. Hosted by Jade Simmons, a classical concert pianist and storyteller, the first season of Decomposed takes on gender expectations, Cold War propaganda and the danger of putting your personal life on the stage. Produced in partnership with Classical Minnesota Public Radio.”



In other Podcast news, NPR hosted a Student Podcast Challenge. I think this is so cool!



Choose Your Life Every Day



Buying plants on Amazon? Why am I surprised?



Prep your students for their recital (if you haven’t already had it!) using the Compliment Exchange Cards.



How to Make More Time as a Piano Teacher with Help from technology



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