Friday Finds #131

Today’s featured photo is the piano teacher family tree I give to each one of my students when they join my studio. I updated it recently and am going to frame it along with a photo of me with my two most recent teachers.

Unfortunately, as you can see, I can’t remember the last name of one of my teachers! She was a college music major I studied with for a couple of years. Someday it will come back to me!

My piano teacher when I was in grad school at Ball State, Dr. Lori Rhoden gave this piano teacher heritage list to all her students. She studied with Dr. Maurice Hinson who is the one that did all the research.

How cool is that when you can tell your students they are the great, great, great, great, great grandstudent of Beethoven?

(Much of this was inspired by the Varsity Musician’s Playbook series here on Piano Pantry.)



The Gordon Institute for Music Learning has announced its 2019 Professional Development Courses.



Piano Music for Teens



I’ve seen Clinton present on his Music Alive! Recitals and it’s such a fun idea! Bookmark it for a unique and fun future recital in your studio!



Snooze is a Trap | Seth Godin



What’s the difference between a frittata and a quiche?



My husband sent me a link to these Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies Cookies. I think he’s trying to give me a hint.



Check out these beautiful food-themed silver necklaces! What a fun and unique gift they would make for the food-lover in your life!



Looking for a unique and practical gift for a high school or college graduate? Consider a subscription to Birchbox!



Ina Garten’s Tips for When Store-Bought is More than Just Fine. I completely agree! I mean, who is seriously going to make their own puff pastry! LOL. (I do make my own vanilla extract though.)



Music Education Benefits for Kids In A 90 Second Animation

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