Friday Finds #133

Today’s featured image is the photos that I posted of my studio on Instagram to enter MTNA’s free membership giveaway! All you have to do is post a photo of your studio on Instagram, tag it #mtnamembership, and follow @MTNAorg on Instagram.

They will draw a winner on June 3. The odds are looking pretty good as there are only 21 entries so far!



“Do what you know. Finish what you started.  Use what you have.”
This is an excellent statement that I want to be part of my life’s mantras. I’m pretty good at the last one, OK at first, and not always so good with the middle one. :-/


I heard this quote from Myquillyn Smith on this episode of The Next Right Thing Podcast.


A Better Way to Freeze Bacon. Hmm, I’ve never tried this. I often will lay the individual pieces out on wax or freezer paper in layers so they will defrost quickly. Has anyone tried the rolling method they mention?



Street Food on Netflix. Looks like a great show!



Suggestions on The Best Disney Piano Books from Lauren Lewandski at



Do you use Piano Safari’s sightreading cards? Consider using videos…



Teaching excerpts from Burgmüller’s Opus 100.



It was only a few months ago that I discovered LaCroix. I have no idea how far behind I am in that, but oh well, I know the product now and love it – mostly. Actually, only a few. I love the Pure (no flavor) and the Orange. The Berry flavor is OK but Cran-Raspberry is awful. Apparently, there’s a new Hibiscus flavor now.

If you’re into sparkling water though, definitely try Perrier’s Strawberry and Orange flavors. They’re awesome for summer


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