Music Learning Theory Resources for Piano Teachers

Are you interested in learning more about Music Learning Theory as a piano teacher?

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of articles, YouTube videos, piano methods, podcasts, books, and grants I have found helpful in my own journey.


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Individual Articles

Audiation: The Foundation of Music Learning Theory by Amy Chaplin on Alfred Music Blog

Articles on

Articles on  here and here.



The Ways Children Learn Music by Eric BluestineHow do children learn music? And how can music teachers help children to become independent and self-sufficient musical thinkers? Author Eric Bluestine sheds light on these issues in music education.


How to Think Music by Harriet SeymourOriginally published in 1915 but shockingly applicable to the conversation around how we learn when we learn music.


Quick and Easy Introductions by Edwin E. Gordon

This remarkable, free pamphlet is a perfect introduction to Dr. Gordon’s groundbreaking ideas that have enormously impacted the music education profession over the past four decades.

Covering questions like: How do young children learn differently from adults? What is audiation, and why is it important? What are the stages and types of music learning? How should music learning be sequenced?  How does music learning parallel language learning?

Quick and Easy Introductions is a perfect starting point for exploring the profound and remarkable ideas destined to shape our understanding of music learning—and, therefore, how best to teach music—for decades to come.


Websites and Blogs


Teaching Resources

Piano Methods

Music Moves for Piano is currently the only piano method based 100% on Music Learning Theory. Written in cooperation with Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, author Marilyn Lowe has a series of 24 method and supplemental books, including Christmas books and books for preschoolers (Keyboard Games A and B).


Other Materials

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