Music Learning Theory Resources for Piano Teachers

This page contains a compilation of recommended articles, YouTube videos, piano methods, podcasts, books, and grants for piano teachers or independent music teachers that are interested in learning more about Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory (MLT).


Articles on Piano Pantry

Audiation: The Foundation of Music Learning Theory

A practical explanation of the newish term "audiation" coined by Dr. Edwin Gordon. What does it really mean? Read more.


Joy and Amy on Music Learning theory

Discussion by two piano teachers on their beginning experiences with MLT. Read more.

For more on our Piano Teacher Adventure in Boston attending the Piano Course on MLT click here.


YouTube Playlist

This video is connected to a playlist on YouTube highlighting some of my favorite videos on Music Learning Theory

You can either let it auto-play through the videos, by simply hitting “play” and when one finishes the next one will play or, you can navigate through the individual videos by clicking on the little image in the top right corner of the video that has three lines with a play button. Enjoy!


MLT-Based Piano Methods and Resources

Music Moves for Piano is currently the only piano method based 100% on Music Learning Theory. Written in cooperation with Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, author Marilyn Lowe has a series of 24 method and supplemental books including Christmas books, and books for preschoolers (Keyboard Games A and B).

Check out Music Moves for Piano.



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Grants and Scholarships for Further Study