Friday Finds #80 Fascinating MLT Moment and Movements in Rhythm


1 – For White Chocolate Lovers

If you’re a white chocolate lover like me, Cadbury is releasing 371 white chocolate Cadbury eggs this season. The mean part? They’re “hidden” in shipments for “surprises”, you can’t outright buy them buy them unless you buy a case. I’ll pass.


2 – Review of Award-Winning Book

A great review of Paul Sheftel’s “Modules” book which was awarded the 2017 Francis Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award.


3 – Extra Hot and Extra Cold

We’ve experience sub-zero temperatures recently. Meanwhile, in Australia, the roads are melting…


4 – Come One Come All

12 Tips for Teaching Tricky Personalities. I especially like the advice on #3, the “stinky” student. You know, the ones that come straight from sports. Phew! | Tracy Selle.


5 – Acoustic Anomaly

Acoustic Anomalies are always fascinating. Check out this one in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


6 – Fascinating MLT Moment

Music Learning Theory music teacher shares a fascinating video with her baby responding in what called the “Purposeful Response stage of the Acculturation type of Preparatory Audiation (according to Gordon).

Interested in more on MLT? Check out the MLT page here on Piano Pantry.


7 – Rhythm Pattern Focused Pieces

Looking for one volume that teaches all sixteenth-note patterns in both simple and compound meters?  Composed by Ball State University music majors, Movements in Rhythm features 15 one-page pieces that range from the upper-elementary level to the early-intermediate level. The pieces all have a sense of “movement,” with many of them using dance and folk rhythmic patterns.  Visit this link and scroll down to Cardinal Piano Works.

This was a book was a project by the pedagogy students at my alma mater!


8 – Skeddle for Automatic Payments

Inspired by this post on The Free IMT, I’m trialing Skeddle as an automatic payment option for my studio (optional for my families). I’ll let you know how it goes!


9 – Hiring Out

Daniel Patterson, always going big. Why I Hired a Teacher for My Music Studio – And Why You Should Too!


10 – Rhythm Flashcards

Extensive sets of rhythm flashcards on Layton Music.


11 – Healthy and Incredible

We’re going crazy over these gluten-free chocolate apricot and almond cookies.


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