Friday Finds #99 – There’s a Giveaway!

The clock is ticking as we inch closer and closer to Friday Finds #100!

Last week I gave you a heads up that this week’s post would include a giveaway with the winner being announced next week.

What’s up for grabs? You’ll have to read this week’s finds to find out at the bottom of this post!


1 – Wiki Updates

A new entry on collaborative piano has hit Wikipedia. This is great news!


2 – Blitz

Australian teacher Samantha Coates is releasing an interesting new series. Check out her introductory videos for BlitzBooks Rote Repertoire.


3 – Looking Good

I’m a little late in this, but congratulations to Susan Paradis on her newly-designed website! It looks fantastic!


4 – Swallowing Vitamins No More

My daily dose of goodness:


5 – Less Stress

The Nutrition Diva is an 8-minute podcast devoted to nutrition and wellness. I really enjoy her frankness, dose of reality, and dedication to doing the research. I only catch a few of the podcasts I find most useful or interesting with the most recent being “10 Nutrition Worries You Can Stop Stressing About.”


6 – Distractions

Listening to Music While Studying: Ok or Not? on the Bulletproof Musician.


7 – Woah

The worlds largest piano(s).


8 – Now That’s A Sale

An incredible historic piano collection could sell for over a million.


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And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the Friday Finds giveaway celebrating the upcoming 100th Friday Finds post!

After scouring the past 100 posts in preparation for next week’s post, I considered many, many items for this giveaway. I wanted to share something that would be useful to as many teachers as possible, was something that I and my students absolutely loved, and that is an item that has not already been given away here.

Enter to win: NOTESPEED!

This card game is designed just like the game speed. It can be used with 2 or more players and is loads of fun. My kids went crazy the first time I broke out this game.

There’s a video of them playing on my Instagram account if you want to check it out.

You can obtain up to two entries as described in the Rafflecopter box below:

  1. Comment on this post answering the question: What music game resonates the most with your students?
  2. Visit the Piano Pantry Facebook page (and please “Like!”)

This giveaway will end at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, June 15. The winner will be announced in that Friday morning’s post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  • GREAT giveaway (especially since it’s been on my to-be-purchased list for ages now and I haven’t done it yet!). 🙂

    My students are loving the new SproutBeat games. I can’t wait to see how that platform is able to develop in the years to come. There are some really exciting possibilities! 🙂

  • Oh! I have had this in my Amazon wish list for awhile! Right now my kids are studying intervals and love the Step Skipping Along game from Susan Paradis. Thank you!

  • My students have enjoyed Rhythm on a Roll from 88PianoKeys (Leila Viss).
    Congratulations on reaching #100!

  • My favorite game for my students these days is called Tonic! It’s so good for them to improvise and come up with ways to interpret the cards on the piano.

  • I have printed various games from the Teach Piano Today site that my kids love. A favorite app game is Note Works. Thanks for a fun giveaway — I watched the video and can just imagine my students loving Notespeed!

  • Anything with dice! Rolling for repetition, scales, racing…. “When can I roll the dice?” Is heard many times a week!

    Thanks for your many music, non-music, interesting and fun “Finds”!!


  • Hey, I see that you have added Juice Plus to your diet. Good for you!
    Jeff has said he doesn’t want to ever do without it. It has made a BIG difference in his health. 🙂

  • Can I name 2 favorites? My students love a board game from the Pianimals website called Piano Phonics 4 Fun. I substitute the 2 card stacks with questions that pertain to whatever theory the student is studying. They also love Bang, which I made 4 sets to match whatever level the student is on. Not sure where I got the idea.

  • Right now my students are enjoying playing 3 strikes and you are out, which is a baseball game. I came up with the idea from watching the game show, The Price is Right, many years ago.

  • My students love to play Bingo (many of the boards we use come from Susan Paradis) with magnetic bingo chips as they get to pick them up with the magnetic wand when the games over. It’s good to read other teachers favourites as there are some I haven’t heard of before and will have to check out.

  • Wrap-ups-four plastic looking keys that test note reading, Italian terms, Scales, rhythm etc. Students wrap answers then turn over to self-check. If answers are correct; they line up perfectly to the plastic lines on back.

  • My students enjoy Musical Yahtzee, and music visions of Candyland and Hi Hi Cherrio. Rhythm Cups is also a hit! I just bought Tonic and will be using it this summer 🙂 I would love to add Notespeed to my game collection!

  • I love this game and so do my students. I’ve been wanting to purchase a second set so I can use it in group classes.

  • I use a lot of games from PianoGameClub (Andrea and Trevor Dow). A lot of them are super short and easy to squeeze in to lesson time. There are others that take longer too. The games cover a wide variety of concepts, which is great for reinforcing something specific.

  • My students really like the app Staff Wars to practice note names. I like the way they can practice treble clef notes, bass clef or the grand staff.

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