Friday Finds #98

Last week, I let you know that we’re on a countdown to Friday Finds #100 here on Piano Pantry and that #100 would be a special (and big) one as it would feature my favorites finds from the past 100 weeks.

The big surprise I saved for you this week is that there will be a giveaway as part of our Friday Finds 100th birthday celebration!

Watch out – the giveaway will be posted next week on Friday Finds #99 and the winner announced on Friday Finds #100.



1 – Sandal Heaven

I’m in love. Never, ever in my life have I bought a really good pair of sandals. Dress shoes for daily teaching, yes, but summer sandals, no.

This was the year though. I was tired of not being able to go a whole day in sandals without my feet hurting. I bit the bullet (seriously) and I am in heaven.

The America-made SAS sandal has just enough arch and heel support that my feet feel like they’re walking on air all day. This sapphire color caught my eye immediately. These babies are going to last me awhile (luckily I got them at a local shoe store for 15% off!).


2 – Food Associations

If only piano teaching were as easy as sliced apples.


3 – Tonic Games

After first hearing about this tonic game on Color in My Piano, it’s been on my purchase list. I’ve been trying to only purchase one new studio game item per season – an unspoken policy for myself that has been a great way to utilize what I have and focus on one new item at a time. This past year the new resource I utilized a lot was the TCW Rockin’ Rhythm:

Cover tiny file
look inside
Rockin’ Rhythms
Composed by Laura Zisette, Charlene Shelzi & Kathleen Lloyd. Published by TCW Resources (KJ.TW617).


This summer, I can’t wait to utilize the new games I purchased from Scott at Tonic: The Card & Dice Game for Musicians and Tonic: Theory Edition.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


4 – Simple, Tasty Recipe

Broccolini, Chicken and Orzo Skillet. My one suggestion would be to just use a whole box (1 lb.) of orzo rather than the one cup. With that, increase the stock or add an extra cup of water. I also just used frozen broccoli which, after letting it defrost slightly for about 10 minutes, chopped it into very small pieces (since my hubby isn’t a big broccoli fan).


5 – Honestly

You are the One You Have Been Waiting For.


6 – Coffee and Dairy – a match made in heaven

Sorry, I Just Can’t Get Behind Nut Milk in My Coffee. Yeah, me either!  I try and I try, but coffee with dairy is just meant to be.



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