Friday Finds #73 Cold Care and a Piano Parent’s Imaginative Practice Plan



We love hummus but unfortunately, our closest grocery (Walmart) does not carry tahini, a key ingredient. I finally decided instead of waiting until I make it to another grocery and have to “suffer” for weeks without hummus, I would just start buying it on Amazon. My favorite recipe from Milk Street Magazine recommends Kevala as their favorite brand so that’s what I’ve been using and it’s really good!



Natalie has found an awesome folding standup desk for teaching piano!



Registration has opened for the 2018 MTNA National Conference. The featured artist for the concert, Jeremy Denk was just interviewed in the “Meet the Artist” series on The Cross-Eyed Pianist website. Check it out.



A beautiful short video story of a Holocaust survivor



Karen’s “parent post” on You Love Piano is getting some attention on Facebook. Bravo to that mama for using her imagination to motivate her child to practice.



Y’all know I love Amazon Prime, but with the convenience comes a lot of cardboard waste. Here’s what you can do with all that Amazon packaging.



I updated my phone this week to iOS 11. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it, but Rosemary at The Unfinished Lesson has a great post on Top Features for Music Educators.



It’s that time of year where many of us are likely fighting colds or will be soon – I for one am. I thought I was a goner last Sunday as it was quickly escalating but I was due to some quick doctoring, and well, if I must tell you, a few ounces of whiskey (seriously, I swear it burned it out of me!), it didn’t get any worse.

My “personal doctoring”  (a.k.a. panic care) includes:

  • A boost in vitamins such as Vitamin C, and Echinacea Goldenseal
  • A morning cup of Throat Coat tea
  • Thieves essential oil diffused near me day and night, and a couple drops rubbed on the bottom of my feet
  • A dose of honey every day. I hate it in tea so I do a slice of whole-grain toast with honey every morning when I’m feeling under the weather
  • A few ounces of whiskey before bed 😉
  • Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for keeping the nasal passages moist (I never knew how important this was!)
  • Propping my head up on an extra pillow while I sleep to allow the sinus to drain and not sit in the back of your throat (sorry, gross but it’s life)
  • A trip to the chiropractor
  • Plenty of rest


What’s your cold-care routine?




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