Friday Finds #72 Smart Keyboard and Repertoire Rules



The Apple Smart Keyboard I use with my 12″ iPad Pro is an absolute dream. It’s slim, sleek, protective, versatile in its setups, and super convenient. It charges off the iPad itself and never has to be plugged in! I would buy it over and over again.


Elissa Milne’s Repertoire Rules post is one that I have saved and re-read on occasion. Good stuff.



This broccoli soup is on my recipe list for the upcoming cool weather.



Grow your lending library with this list of books about music for kids.



I clean my coffee maker every 4-6 weeks using this method. My stainless steel carafe is another story. The best method I’ve ever used for cleaning our stainless coffee mugs and the carafe is to cover the bottom of the container in dishwasher soap enough that you don’t see the base, pour in boiling water clear to the top (be careful!) and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Pour out the hot water and prepare to be disgusted but happy with how beautiful your stainless steel mug will be again.



A Margin of Safety: How to Thrive in the Age of Uncertainty | James Clear.



Our 10 favorite fall foods from Trader Joe’s



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