Friday Finds #71 Hedgehogs and Hurricane Relief



The difference between brown, green and red lentils.



Nicola has a great way of organizing her piano games using plastic button wallet folders. If you’re looking to organize your games digitally, check out Organizing Piano Games with Evernote.



Piano-playing sisters play to raise money for hurricane relief. 



I’m a sucker for everyone’s list of their favorite studio resources (hence my love for writing Friday Finds!). Piano Pantry was mentioned in this music teacher’s list!



I love Lauren’s visual printable for teaching inversions!



Anytime I make a soup recipe from Giada de Laurentiis, it’s always delicious. Keeping up with the standard, this ‘Giada’s “House” Soup,‘ didn’t disappoint. My husband especially loved it because it was a hearty/thicker soup rather than a thin soup. The farro was a nice addition and gave it a lot of bite and character.



The Hedgehog Japanese erasers finally made it into my studio. They’re just too cute.



Five things I always buy when I go antiquing. I personally look for #4 and #5. What are your favorite types of antique finds?


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