Friday Finds #70 Shiny Sinks and a New Podcast



I absolutely love watching Julie Knerr teach and have learned a lot from her about teaching young students over the last 5 years. It’s a lot of work making the videos she does, but what a wonderful contribution to the profession! Here’s her most recent video with a student in their first lesson.



Part of my nightly routine and kitchen clean-up always include giving the sink a thorough wipe down. I’ve never gone as far as this lady recommends but last week I cleaned my sink step-by-step as per her instructions and wow, it sure turned out shiny! Spraying Windex all over the sink and wiping it completely dry was the step I was missing. I can’t say I’ll be so diligent every night but I do like a clean sink…



A unique take on creating a composition. A group composition, that is! |



In group class this week, my students were talking about hashtags and sharps. Funnily enough, I had just come across this fun comparison image hashtags vs. sharps vs. tic-tac-toe shared by Sara on It’s now on my bulletin board!



Have you checked out the new Musicality Podcast? What a wonderful topic idea for a podcast! I really enjoyed Natalie Weber’s interview on Episode 2.



Yummy Paleo-friendly meatballs. Serve with quinoa, rice, or on a bed of arugula. Tip: Make sure the shrimp is really good and minced.



5 Printables to Stick to the Top of Your Piano Students Music. | Teach Piano Today.



Jennifer Foxx has a very informative post on the new iOS 11 update and how to find out what apps you have that will be affected. She has over 200 apps that won’t work – I’m feeling pretty lucky with only 14. Find out the details.



Once we move into our new house, I would love to start a once-a-month dinner club. Who wants to come? 🙂



  • We’ve done monthly dinner clubs and also a nightly dinner club (4 nights a week in grad school was AMAZING, with each person taking turns making dinner for everyone else, but hard to replicate when you’re not living in tiny apartments all sharing a stairwell).

    Monthly we found that it’s good to specify a theme, and whoever is hosting did main dish and a dessert and everyone else brings sides. We tried iron chef once with the ingredient “apples” and had four people bring apple butter and bread. That didn’t work out so well, so some communication is helpful.

    • Hi, Emily – wow, nightly is a great way to team-up for good meals in grad school! Thanks for sharing – I’m definitely keeping it in my back pocket!

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