Friday Finds #69 PawPaw and Money-Making Tips



British Chef Gordon Ramsay takes a stab at an American-style breakfast. Hash browns, baked eggs, and caramelized bacon. Oh, my.



Deep thoughts on your “ideal piano teacher life” from Joy Morin.



A global initiative to help reduce food waste by changing the guidelines for “Used by” and “Sell by” labels.



This week I updated my Theory Videos lab assignment sheet for my student’s music lab time. I found some more videos to add to the list from Nicola Canton’s YouTube Playlist. I especially liked the videos “Steps and Skips on the staff for Piano Students” and “Steps and Skips on the Piano.”



Lauren over at started a series called “Money Monday” where she’ll share tips to help increase profit. Here’s Tip #1.



12 Curious Apps for the New Term | The Curious Piano Teachers.



I’m not a big casserole girl, but as busy piano teachers, it’s always good to have a few good ones on hand. There are a lot of tasty looking ones to suit just about anyone’s fancy in this list of 10 Easy Chicken Casseroles for Busy Weeknights.



Have you ever tried Pawpaw? I haven’t but this article from NPR is really making me curious. If you have, let me know in the comments what you think!


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