Friday Finds #61 Mighty Bright and Ballet



This past weekend I accompanied for a production of the 2-person show The Last Five Years, by Jason Robert Brown. The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light and Mighty Bright Duet Light both came in super handy to light up both sides of my keyboard fully in the dark theater.



In anticipation of the intense hours of rehearsal of this 179-page score, I had both chiropractor and massage appointments set up for the Monday/Tuesday following! I tend to pull a lot of tension in my left shoulder/neck area, regardless of piano playing. Rosemary’s suggestion for a book on Instant Relief (from your everyday aches & pains) was timed just right. I’m definitely intrigued by this book!



Five Things to Check Out at the Library (besides books) on the Art of Simple. I’ve utilized #2 but should do more of #1



What Ballet Class Taught Me About Piano Teaching | 4D Piano Teaching.



Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight | Diane Hidy.

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