Friday Finds #46 Colors

After being on a Friday Finds hiatus due to my Piano Pantry one-year anniversary celebration and the recent trip to the MTNA Conference in Baltimore, I’m back and ready to go for another great year of finds!

I thought it would be fun to take a peek back myself at the first few Friday Finds posts. I imagine many of you weren’t around then so if you want to check them out see Friday Finds #1Friday Finds #2, and Friday Finds #3.

Included in some of today’s finds are a couple favorites from those first few posts.

P.S. After I started this Friday Find post, I realized a color theme was emerging. Sometimes it just works that way!

First up is super important: comfortable shoes! (Sorry guys, you’ll have to skip to #2).


1 – Black

The Tami Ballet Flat by Born which I purchased from Von Maur last year and told you about following the San Antonio conference is still gracing my feet and making them oh, so happy. They’re way cheaper on Amazon than what I bought them for. I’ll admit – I’m at the point in my life when I am willing to dish out more money for quality and not have quantity. I will purchase another pair of these again when they wear out! I like the black the best.

They’re not fancy, but they’re simple, versatile, have just enough arch support I can wear them all day without ending the day with sore feet and are made of soft leather so your toes still have the freedom to wiggle.


2 – Green

Stickers that make it easier to spot the ripeness of an avocado – innovative!


3 – Yellow

The prettiest notepad for meal planning.


4 – Spring Colors

Easter is just around the corner. Check out my Spring/Easter idea board on Pinterest for decorating and fun food ideas.


5 – Pink

The “Pink Blob.” Seriously, I want one! What piano student wouldn’t like one?


6 – Pink Again

All Pink Starbursts – booyah! Now they get it.


7 – Blue

This time last year I was reading and loving Tsh Oxenreider’s book Notes from a Blue Bike on the plane to the San Antonio conference. Tsh’s blog The Art of Simple is now one of my new favorite blogs to follow. If you’re a podcast listener, she wrote a great article on How to listen to podcasts: a 101 primer.

Guess what I’m up to tonight? I’m going to a Journey concert! Can’t wait!

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