Meet My Piano Pantry Dinner Guests!

What a delightful time we had at the first annual Piano Pantry reader’s dinner!

Our party of 20 met on Monday night of the 2017 MTNA Conference in Baltimore at Ten Ten American Bistro. I was pleased to find such a great restaurant a convenient 5-minute walk from the Marriott. The interior was fabulous and the food matched the quality of the chic atmosphere.

My one requirement for all who attended was that they take a “foodie” photo with their food. Here I am with my scrumptious mushroom risotto.

I wasn’t the only one who was a sucker for risotto. Erin and Sarah also enjoyed the creamy dish.


You can’t go to Baltimore and not have some seafood. Crabcakes were a popular choice by Karen, Dorothy…


Robin (left), Heather (Fun Key Music), Leila (88 Piano Keys), and Sheila. (I had my crab cake the previous night at our Indiana State dinner!)


We covered all of our seafood bases with Claudia and her Salmon…

…and Juanita and James with their Shrimp and Grits.


I’ll admit I was jealous of Eik (next to James) (from Sproutbeat) and Christina and their plate of brussels sprouts.

In fact, I was so jealous I decided I needed to eat there one more time before leaving so I drug a couple of friends along for our last lunch in Baltimore. They were totally worth going back for!

Enough about brussels sprouts! Continuing on to our next eaters…

Joy (Color in My Piano) and Whitney (4d Piano Teaching) both enjoyed beautiful burgers and fries.


and Spring (also of 4d Piano Teaching) joined the red meat clan with Steak Frites.

Jennifer (left) stuck with red meat as well but took a little more unusual route with the Elk tacos. (I was tempted to get this dish as well!) Lizbeth and Daniel both went for the cob salad.





All in all, it was a fabulous meal with great company. It’s always a little noisy in restaurants like these, but despite the noise, at the end of the meal, someone casually suggested it was speech time. In my short words to everyone, apparently, I decided to become Julie Andrews. No, the hills are not alive with the sound of music, but all of these teachers are now after a week of conferencing and rejuvenating together!

Until next year,



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