Friday Finds #39 Productivity Tools and Simple Songs



I often struggle with finding off-bench music lab activities for my youngest students (ages 5-7). Since I have one student doing lab and one in a lesson simultaneously, they have to, for the most part, be able to function on their own. If a student doesn’t read well yet, that makes it even harder.

In comes MLT and the idea of acculturation – being absorbed in and hearing music in a variety of styles, meters, timbres, instruments, and modes. Viola! One lab I rotate now is purely listening (15-20 minutes). It’s simple – they listen to music while drawing freely in their personal art book and they love it!

What Great Music! Classical Selections to Hear and to See is wonderful for this. Not only is the music of high caliber, but there are beautiful images to accompany each piece.

If you’re interested in reading a little more on how I use “art books” with students check out this post.



Sort by Price167 words by Seth that will kick your “commodity” marketing mindset in the pants.



Study Guides for the RCM Piano Repertoire by Elena Lee Fortin.

Preparatory A
Preparatory B




I seriously need M&Ms and Oreos to STOP making all the fun flavors – I’m a sucker!



Just handed this book to an adult student and it’s perfect. Great book to have in your library.




Chicken Piccata by Ina, the woman who truly taught me to cook. Yummo.



Yesterday morning I spent 21:29 watching this video and this video and got some extra tips that helped me streamline how I work in Gmail and Chrome even more.

If I can be dramatic – while I’ve only been using Boomerang for Gmail for a few weeks, I’m pretty sure it’s totally changing my life.


What productivity tools have changed your life? Please share! Apparently, I’m a sucker for crazy M&M and Oreo flavors AND productivity tools!


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