Friday Finds #40 Engaging and Doodling



Brilliant recital idea. Engaging students directly in their own experience and learning process is so important but can be hard. This is a perfect way to do so.



Unstructured Practice: Giving Students Time to Doodle. Agree 100%.



Whaaaat?! Sweet!



I can’t wait to make this. (Although sweet potato tater tots were not easy for me to find!)



What to do if you’re alone and choking.



A friend of mine recently started a podcast called Parenting Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Although I’m not a parent, I have 30 kids I engage with every single week one-on-one.

The very first episode spoke directly to a struggle I have with a couple students.

As piano teachers, we can learn so much from sources outside the piano world and this is a perfect example.



The Triumphant Return of the Piano-Playing Elderly Couple.



The National Anthem presented by a saxophonist. No wait, not a saxophonist, a man with CHOPS!



Brazilian pianist Eliane Rodrigues displaying creativity, artistry, showmanship, skill, grace, and beauty in the midst of an unexpected mishap. A must-watch!



In my last post I shared my top 25+ “healthy” recipes (at least what’s deemed healthy in the Chaplin household. 🙂 ) I mentioned I struggle with Kale, but being that it’s such as superfood if I find a good recipe that uses, it, I hang on tight! (Here’s one of my favorite kale recipes). Just this week, a piano teacher on Facebook shared a book her Aunt wrote called No Kale Required! (Healthy Eating Ideas for the Rest of Us). Well, there ya go!


If you missed my healthy recipe post. Check it out here:


See ya next week!

P.S. My last video in my Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher series will be available soon – keep an eye out! Catch up on Post 1 and Post 2.



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