Friday Finds #225: Best of July



Music Teacher’s Helper has a new owner and CEO!



Check out how Natalie is using Evernote to save all her music theory worksheets!



If you’re not recycling your batteries, maybe now is a good time to consider getting started. Check out Call2Recycle for places near you!

My husband and I keep a small plastic container in our cleaning closet that we throw old batteries in. Once that piles up, we take them into our local Lowe’s store who recycles them.  Thank you, Lowe’s!



My favorite cloth for cleaning my pianos (recommended by my piano tuner) is the Guardsman Cleaning Cloth.

It has a slightly sticky surface that grabs dirty but doesn’t leave a residue on your piano. Simply rinse the cloth and hang it to dry!




One of my favorite MLT-practitioners and Ukulele Songbook creators, Robin Giebelhausen, has a Spotify profile with playlists of pieces in Duple Meter, Triple Meter, and all the “modes.” What a gem and fun way to start training your ear!



Brewed Cacao…say what?”



I have a lot of podcasts that I listen to – many of which I zip in and out of (basically, love it, but don’t feel the need to catch them all).

While The Next Right Thing has become one of those (and that’s OK!), her most recent episode, 185: Why Makers Struggle to Get things Done had me nodding my head in agreement and relief (that it was a thing) like a wild woman.

I love Ashley’s podcast episode on having students make a short video reflection on why they make music. This would be a fun little project to do at your first group class of the year! (Ashley Danyew | Field Notes on Music Learning Episode 032)

It doesn’t matter how many times I hear Marvin Blickenstaff, I always walk away feeling like teaching is a gem and he is my grandpa holding my hand along the way. (That’s a good thing, Marvin!) 🙂 It was no less so when I listened to his podcast episode with Ben Kapilow on the Nuts and Bolts of Piano Pedagogy.



Chrissy’s 2-minute tip on using pop-its to teach technique.



My friend has been making this summer fruit salad at recent gatherings and oh my goodness, SO GOOD. The photo doesn’t show it but there are banana slices and they really add a nice creaminess. (All Recipes)

Peaches, cucumbers, and avocadoes make a really lovely salad combination as well!  (What’s Gabby Cooking)

Very few things are so tasty that I make them twice in a two-week period. Not the case with this Ground Turkey Skillet with Zucchini, Corn, Black Beans, and Tomato (Skinny Taste). I could seriously eat it twice a week right now.



Joy has a giveaway going on of Wendy Chan’s Music Escapade products. You might know my luck, I ordered Wendy’s Grand Staff board just a week before Joy posted this giveaway. Darn! Oh well, one more chance for you! Enter before August 9.



Piano Safari has released a series for preschool students!



Instagram Debuts New Safety Settings for Teenagers (NPR)


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