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Parent/Student Questionnaires

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Last week we looked at resources for writing end-of-year evaluations. That is, teachers assessing student’s progress, skills, and future goals.

At the same time, it’s good to ask students and parents to reflect on the past year, including things such as dedication, implementation, efforts, and progress. Not only that, but it’s good to obtain feedback on your own teaching and business from families for your own growth and reflection.

Here are a small handful of resources to get you started.



When I crafted my first questionnaire 10 years ago, I was super thankful for Natalie Weber’s example to get me started! She has two forms available, one for parents and one for students.



Curious what my forms look like? Download them here: Crafting Year-End Parent / Student Questionnaires (Piano Pantry)



Here are two fun examples of simple feedback forms for young children to fill out:

A Report Card for Piano Teachers – How to Get Honest Feedback from Piano Students (Teach Piano Today)

Here is a great self-evaluation form for younger students that uses smiley faces for measuring from Nicola Cantan



The Mind-Reading Music Teacher: How to Impress Your Customers (Daniel Patterson | Grow Your Music Studio)

My favorite snipped from this post:

It would be better to use an online survey tool like Polldaddy, Google Forms, or Typeform. These tools are free to use. Give people the chance to anonymously answer these questions on their own time. You will receive longer, more honest answers.

Ask non-threatening questions. Ask open-ended questions and give parents a chance to elaborate. Here are some ideas:

  • Why did the families in your Studio pick music lessons? (as opposed to dance, soccer, karate, etc.)
  • Why did the families in your studio pick you over everyone else?
  • What did the families think lessons would be like?
  • What concerns and fears did your families have with starting lessons?
  • What general goals do your families have for their child? (not related to music)
  • What do families not like about being in music lessons?




  • Hi Amy,
    It appears that you have to be a paying member of Vibrant Music Teachers to get the self evaluation form for young students. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I click on the link you’ve provided it needs a user name and password to get the print out.

    • Hi, Diane. Hmm… When I click on the link in the post It should go to the article then scroll to the bottom. It looks like in order to get the free download, like a lot of websites, you have to sign up to join the email list. You shouldn’t have to join Vibrant MT Membership to get the download. Unfortunately, that’s pretty typical. Some websites just have you submit your email but don’t necessarily tell you it’s putting you on their email list. Not my thing, but you can always subscribe to get the download then unsubscribe later. I do that all the time.

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