Year-End Parent/Student Questionnaires

As we near the end of the school term, this is the time our attention begins to turn not only toward end-of-year recitals and performances but wrapping-up and reflecting on the past school year.

Being that individual instrument study is often a “long term” relationship, taking the time to reflect is an important part of the process.

There are two parts I would encourage you to include in your end-of-term reflection.

The first is an evaluation/reflection from you (the teacher) to the student. (Check out this post for more details.)

The second (and the topic of this post) is an evaluation/reflection from the parents and students facilitated in the form of a questionnaire.

In this post, we’ll cover the type of content/questions you should consider asking, various ways to execute/deliver these questionnaires, and lastly, I’ll share some example questionnaires I’ve used in the past you can use for a spring-board to create your own.




When putting together the content of your questionnaire, keep in mind that this form can facilitate multiple avenues of reflection/feedback including (but not exhaustively limited to):

  • Our teaching (and business!)
  • Parental engagement and overall satisfaction
  • Student progress and overall satisfaction within the studio/community

With this in mind, I would encourage you to have two separate questionnaires – one for parents, and one for students. Parents and students may not always share opinions on the same question! If you prefer to not have two separate ones, at least be specific in who you are asking the question of.

While it would be wonderful to create a form and use the same one year after year, I have found that as my studio changes and evolves, so do these questionnaires. 

For example, in my first year, as I was building my business, I asked lots of questions regarding studio communication and quality. The next year I was more interested in whether or not they felt they were getting enough outside opportunities. Every year is a little different.

This is also a great time to feel out potential new ideas. Considering moving your group classes to Saturdays instead of a weeknight? Poll your families!

Lastly, don’t forget that while you have them, you may ask for a formal testimony that can be used on your studio website or on social media



Means of Delivery

There are multiple ways you can go through this process and, like the questions, these can change (and perhaps should) and evolve from year to year.

For the first seven years of my studio, I emailed a PDF so they could download and print the form, fill it out, and bring it to their evaluation meeting.

My second evolution was to create an online form directly on my studio’s WordPress site. Most recently (and currently), I’ve moved into using Google Forms.

No matter what format you use, be sure and give a clear deadline – such as prior to the student’s last lesson.




Here is a free download example of one of my PDF questionnaires.

Most of the forms I’ve created over the years have many general questions that could be quite universal along with specifics to my own teaching and studio. I removed my personal items so you can hopefully use them for your own studio.

If, however, you would like to make edits and would like the MS Word version (I had troubles including the Word version here), please just drop me a message and I’ll send it to you directly.






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