Friday Finds #182

Dandelions and Grace



I was incredibly inspired by Leila’s “making sense of it all” comparison of dandelions and grace that accompanied her new arrangement of Amazing Grace.



Congratulations to composer Chrissy Ricker who is now a Signature Artist with! 

Several of my teens recently absolutely played and LOVED her piece, Epic.



Considering a Gap Year (Seth Godin)

When we lived in Melbourne, Australia (2006-2009), Drew and I were both fascinated to learn that many students in Oz take a “gap year” between high school and college. Unlike the US’s tendency to push all students to college immediately, the gap year was a time for them to travel, work, and explore the world.

I’ve always thought education in the US could benefit from encouraging something like this. I mean, who really knows what they want to do for a career when they’re 18? NO ONE, really. A large majority of people end up doing something different than what they studied in college.

Something to think about.



George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston (Kate Shellnutt | Christianity Today)



An excellent resource for free printable staff paper. It’s really cool how it will shift the preview of the staff as you change settings.



Food recommendations for the week:

Super easy and delish…
Spring Asparagus Pancetta Hash (Smitten Kitchen)

This fresh salad takes a bit of prep work but is VERY worth it. It makes a huge bowl and the leftovers keep well for a day or two. 
Mediterranean Three-Bean Quinoa Salad (Two Peas and Their Pod)

Soon I will be canning my favorite Strawberry Jam. The blueberries add deep color and the apple a little texture and zing.
Easy Strawberry Jam (Ina Garten | Food Network)



This time last year…

The #1 Reason Independent Music Teachers Should be on Instagram (Amy Chaplin | Piano



I Ate Like a Gilmore Girl for a Week and Here’s What Happened (Julie Tremaine | The Kitchn)

A few months ago I started my second-go of watching The Gilmore Girls series on Netflix. Are you a fan?


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