Friday Finds #122



If you haven’t checked out Rosemarie Penner’s blog, you should. She has been one of my favorite piano blogs to follow over the past year or two. Rosemarie always seems to have unique blog posts, is tech-savvy, and student-focused.

Her two most recent posts were both worthy of my clipping and saving in Evernote. One tagged under “lesson planning” and the other under “evaluations.” Check them out:

“How do you know my child is progressing?” I’m glad you asked!

Student-Led Conferences



3 Myths (and 1 Truth) About Grain-Fed Beef. | The Nutrition Diva



A fellow teacher recently asked me about a recommendation for a beginner hymn book. Within the same time frame, one of my new adult students and I determined that although she wants to improve at reading hymns, they were a bit too challenging for where she is at the moment. I told her I had the perfect book for her. I’m sure I’ve shared this book in the past but since it’s come up again recently, here it is again.

The Piano Student’s Hymnal published by Alfred



“What shall we do next?” is one phrase that I try to be conscious of using regularly in my teaching.



A new toy in my kitchen.

GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Ultimate Spatula, 11 Inches, Lime



Every once in a while my husband will send me something that he thinks I would enjoy sharing in Friday Finds. (Is that cute or what?). This is one of Drew’s finds. 🙂 Watch and be amazed.



Don’t Tell Me How Lucky I Am To Have A Good Husband



If you’re making plans for some fun recital ideas for your Spring Recital this year, check out:



Here are some great suggestions for beautiful modern piano music for teens.

I have a student currently playing the very first song in the list above, The River Flows in You from Yiruma. It felt like she was needing something beautiful and a boost in energy for piano. This piece did the trick. She absolutely loved it so much, she almost mastered it in the first week.


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  • Amy, I’m so happy Friday Finds are back! Always such a pleasure to get a different perspective.
    Thanks for the lovely comment & share to the site, Amy. Glad that you are enjoying the articles & ideas!

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