Music Theory Videos – Set 1

Teachers: The videos in this set are leveled roughly at the early elementary level.

If you would like to utilize this series as part of an off-bench music lab time, assignment pages where students can track their listening history are available in the Piano Pantry shop. Find more details in this blog post: More than 100 Videos for Your Music Lab Time.

This theory video series was updated on 10/27/2023. If you purchased the lab guide before this date and did not receive the updated form via email, please contact Amy.


#01 – Groups of Black Keys


#02 – The Piano White Keys: ABCDEFG


#03 – The Music Alphabet – Stepping Up and Down


#04 – Quarter Note Song


#05 – Forte Piano Song


#06 – Ode to the Treble Clef


#07 – The Cool Bass Clef


#08 – Drawing Bass and Treble Clefs


#09 – Gina and the Treble Clef


#10 – Farmer Fred and the Bass Clef


#11 – The Barnyard Friends and the Grand Staff


#12 – Bar Lines and Measures


#13 – Basic Note Values (quarter, half, dotted half, whole)


#14 – Introducing Quarter, Half, and Whole Rests


#15 – Steps and Skips on the Piano


#16 – Steps and Skips on the Staff


#17 – Landmark Notes for Reading Success (Bass C/F,  Middle, Treble G/C)


#18 -2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 Time Signatures


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