Fun Postcards for Student Birthday’s

Do you do anything special for your student’s birthdays?

I’ve always felt like recognizing student’s birthdays is something that takes little effort and yet can really show a student – and their family – that you care.

While there are a variety of things you could do, I’m a big advocate for the simple act of sending a card via snail mail.

I mean, how many kids ever get much – if anything – in the US mail?

Very few, I’m sure.

Heck, who doesn’t love getting something besides bills and junk mail hits my mailbox? Personal cards with little hand-written notes are the best.

I first advocated for student birthday cards and why they are a great way to build rapport within your studio in the post Marketing with Postcards (it’s not what you think!)

Today, I want to share some fun postcards I came across recently that you may want to use for your students’ birthdays!


Colorful Mandala Postcard

During the first few years of sending my students postcards, I just bought packs of generic postcards from United Art & Education.

Last year though it was time to change things up, so I used Susan Hong’s beautiful Mandala Postcards.

They’re a downloadable studio license for $10 and you get both the color version and the black and white version which would be fun for students to color!




Music-themed Postcard Packs from Amazon

Amazon as always is a great place to look for anything! Here’s a colorful set of  10 treble-clef note cards for $10.


Customizable Postcard

These postcards from Vistaprint would be fun because you can customize them with your studio logo!


Artsy Prints

This beautiful Musicology Postcard set on Etsy was the winner for me this year. It’s a set of 8 postcards with a musical theme that “show you the magical sound of shadows.”

I’ll admit, at $18 for a pack of 8 plus $8 shipping from Belgium, they were definitely a splurge. I wouldn’t do it every year, but I thought these would be really fun. They’re beautiful, creative, and inspiring!


Your Turn!

Have you found any fun ways to celebrate birthdays? Do you have some unique birthday cards or postcards to share? Post a link in the comments!


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