Friday Finds #94 Listen to See and Mobile Blindness


1 – 18 for 2018

18 Blogs I follow in 2018 (and they’re not all about music) – from Chris Foley of the Collaborative Piano Blog.


2 – Marrying Music

The  ForScore app and are tools I use on a regular basis. Here’s a tutorial on how you can import sheet music into the ForScore app.


3 – Hefty, Hefty, Hefty

These jumbo ziploc storage bags have been coming in really handy lately for all kinds of things. One way I’ve utilized them recently outside of the kitchen is storing sheet sets in them. So handy!



4 – Archaeological Find

Oh, my. The remains of 140 children who were sacrificed (some 550 years ago) found in Peru.


5 – Music Mint Molds

Do you make/prepare your own food for your student recital? If so or even if not, these mint molds are fun!

There are several other versions that would be fitting including these upright piano ones, these other grand piano ones (slightly different than the ones you see here), and these musical instrument ones.


6 – Listen to See

Why Uncertainty Can Be Good for Us. 


7 – Mobile Blindness

“If you care about something, consider taking a moment to slow down and understand it. And if you don’t care, no need to even bother with the surface.”

This whole short post by Seth Godin on surfing the web on your mobile device could be quoted. I’m a desktop girl. Whether it’s work, social media, or content absorption, I do as much as I  can on a desktop – mostly because I move twice as fast on a desktop both in navigation and in typing. Godin gives me one more reason to do as little on my iPhone as possible.


8 – Beautifying Mailchimp

If there’s any chance you’re a blogger, or if you write blog posts for your studio website, then you might find this article on how to set up a beautiful Mailchimp RSS campaign useful.

I stopped my RSS emails for a while here on Piano Pantry because they’re just messy-looking and I didn’t know how to make it better. A couple of months ago I came across that article and I’m happy to report my RSS emails look so much better. (You can subscribe to my email list here if you’re interested – you’ll also get my monthly “secret” letter.)

In case you’re unsure what RSS is, it’s basically an email that is connected to your website’s post feed. It will detect when there is new content and automatically send an email to your subscriber list. You can set it up to send as soon as a post is published or on certain days of the week at specific times.

Mine is set to go out once a week on Fridays (because of these Friday Finds). That email will also include anything else new that was posted during the week.


9 – Irina Gorin on Healthy Technique



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