Friday Finds #85 Be Ridiculous for the Sake of Creativity



1 – Blackbean Brownies

When it comes to sweets I can say no to just about anything but brownies or cookies. I rarely make brownies but man, do I love them. I’m looking forward to trying this interesting recipe which uses black beans as a base. Sounds gross, I know, but I have a feeling they’ll be a winning “healthy brownie” recipe.


2 – Willing to be Ridiculous

“…if I want to chase after beauty in this world and make art, I have to maintain my right to be ridiculous.”

Read more.


3 – Ahh!

akimboSeth Godin has a new podcast! Nuf said.





4 – STEM

Coding in American Middle Schools.


5 – MLT Training

The Gordon Institute for Music Learning has announced their 2018 Professional Development Level Courses. If you’re really serious about learning more about Music Learning Theory, you might strongly consider attending the piano or another course. The piano course is held in Boston and if you’ve never been, Boston is amazing – a bonus to taking the course!


6 – A Letter to Parents

Dear Piano Parents: There Are Four Times When I DON’T Want Your Child To Practice.


7 – Vita Clay

Why I Sold Both of My Instant Pots (and What I Got Instead). I’ve never heard of the item they’re talking about in this post but it looks interesting! Do you have an Instant Pot? My mom got me one for Christmas and I like it pretty well so far, especially for rice. If you have one, share your favorite recipe in the comments!


8 – Egg Shopping

How to Buy the Best Eggs Possible.


9 – A Tour

I’ve been a big fan of America’s Test Kitchen since they started. Check out their incredible new test kitchen. What a dream!



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