Friday Finds #74 Andragogy, Pedagogy, and a 19′ Piano



Anytime I tell someone I have a Masters of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Performance everyone always looks at me with their head slightly cocked, and their eyes conveying their puzzlement. “Peda-what?” They say.

Do you ever get this? My husband and I always get a good chuckle. Awhile back he messaged me while he was at a conference excited that someone in the session he was attending had just clarified perfectly the term and he thought I might like to share with you:

“Andragogy” refers to methods and principles used in adult education. The word comes from the Greek ἀνδρ- andr-, meaning “man”, and ἀγωγός agogos, meaning “leader of”; it literally means “leader of man”, whereas “pedagogy” literally means “leading children”.




Super stinking cool. Check out this 19-foot piano.



Every morning I down a glass of water. Sometimes a cup of tea makes it in but otherwise, I’ve been holding off for that cup or two of coffee until around 10:30 am. Apparently, it’s a good plan. The Worst Time of Day to Drink Coffee.



I’m Chopin. Which of these Classical Pianists are You Most Like?



How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music? And Teach It! | Wendy Stevens



This makes me chuckle. Irish People Try Texan Food for the First Time. Especially the comments “How in the world do Texans go on dates” and “Where are the vegetables?”



Ooh! Chip and Joanna Gains have a line at Target! I especially love this textured stoneware pitcher.



One memory my husband has of growing up was that his grandma always had Fig Newtons. My grandma always had Little Debbies.

We’ve been loving these healthier versions of the fig bar by nature’s bakery made with stone-ground wheat. They also have apple cinnamon, blueberry, and raspberry versions.

What did your grandma always have?



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