Friday Finds #64 Grit and Google Gadgetry



Last week my first find was a James Clear article and this week is another. I just love his posts. They’re always well researched and thought out. The Paradox of Behavior Change.



How Reading Old Books Gives Us New Perspective | Michael Hyatt. This is one of my goals this year  – to include re-reads in my reading list. C.S. Lewis is also known for encouraging the re-reading of books, stating something along the lines of:

I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once… To me, re-reading my favorite books is like spending time with my best friends. I’d never be satisfied to limit myself to just one experience each with my favorite people.

The first book (and if we’re being honest, thus far the only book) I’ve re-read this year was Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert.



A lovely short story in The New Yorker: The Work You Do, the Person You Are.



What Does GRIT Look Like in the Music Studio? | 88 Piano Keys



Supercharge Your Studio Organization with Google Gadgetry | by Nicola Canton on



A great article that explains the difference in Quickbooks vs. Quicken.



Stop Microwaving Your Sponges, Immediately. Oops! Darn if you do and darn if you don’t seem to be the way it goes anymore.



If you’re not afraid of a little spice, I love this SUPER simple recipe for chicken soft tacos. 10-15 minutes of food prep – tops. Tuck this one in for when you need a quick weeknight meal. To save even more time, go for the bagged pre-shredded cabbage. I prefer to skip the mint but I add in radishes sliced thinly on a mandoline.

My flour tortilla of choice is the Mission fajita super-soft flour tortillas. For years I’ve tried to do the healthier flour tortillas that are whole wheat or low carb or whatever but I just plain don’t like them (or their size). So, I decided I’m going to stick with and enjoy the small white flour ones and be done with it. I’ll balance my healthy choices in other areas.



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